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3000GT SL
Continuing with the vehicle name.. We've never named our cars.. So mom's pontiac torrent is "mom's car", the dodge ram van is "the van", the mitsubishi 3000gt is "tylor's car" or as i call it "the mitsubishi" (my name is tylor.. and i drive a mitsubishi .... Thank you captain obvious).. My previous vehicle an '04 Sport trac was "the truck" ... Get the drift? (I don't, I can't drift at all... see what i did there? i tried to make a funny... it didn't work) Anyways.. That's how the naming system works in my family..

Unknown, My dad Purchased it from a guy in Detroit @ 74k (that's the lowest number i remember), and had some stuff done to it, such as some rewiring. (Rear windshield wiper button caused the fuses to blow, all the way to the ignition fuse.. turns out the entire wire from the wiper motor to the under the dash fuse box was melted) and he supposedly had the clutches redone... I don't know what all was done. Anyways, besides the after-market rims that i'll get to later, a dvd player, GPS, and a Sirius satellite radio, the car is completely stock.. :D
Only reason I'm driving this vehicle is because my dad decided he didn't want it (a month after getting it) and that he also didn't want to keep my 2004 ford Explorer Sport Trac (also a hand-me-down from him). So he sold my Sport trac and gave me the 3kgt.. My only regret is that I'm not driving a VR-4.. Which will hopefully be my next car (assuming I get a job soon..) VR4 or a Ford Fiesta (gonna buy it myself.. I don't want to hear any of that "you're a spoiled brat" BS)
Yes, I am the one that will be doing all the work to my car once I am employed. :P
1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL (RED)


There is no car that is more stock then mine when it comes to under the hood, besides some transmission work having to be done, tranny fluid and filter, battery, and oil... The entire thing is stock.. Heck, as far as I know it's got every part it had when it came off the assembly line in Japan.. Spark plugs, wires, lifters (LOL TICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICK!!!!), timing belt.. everything. XP.. You guys are probably dying of heart attacks at how terribly this car was treated by it's previous owner. The only reason I haven't changed anything (3rd gen lifters, new k&n air intake, tune up ffs) is because I'm a broke *** 18 year old :P
Mostly stock.. Stock sound system (complete with blown front speakers) It's got an Alpine GPS, a Sirius Satellite Radio, and a DVD player...
Uh, None actually. It's a completely stock 3kgt SL.. Besides having used rubbing compound to fix the fact that the spoiler and mirrors were fading, it's stock...
DVD player... The screen actually sits in the glove compartment (it's how it was when the vehicle was purchased)

The sound system is bone stock as described above, in fact I do have the blown speakers still in it and I might get around to replacing them with random 6.5' ford stock speakers that I got randomly from a friend... assuming i can even get them in.
STOCK! lol YAYA!!!
Again, this thing wasn't even touched by it's previous owner.. Don't have the money to get a new suspension... Plus, the one i have works just fine... But I'm pretty sure it should be replaced..
Wheel and Tire
I'm not exactly sure what I've got since I haven't been paying much attention.. I know everything is new (... cough... beginning of this year and 9k miles ago)

Enkei fd-05 (according to Discount Tire's website.. got them at DT anyways)
And Continental something or others. Definitely not sports car tires.


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