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3000GT VR-4
Albany Black Pearl
the shitty previous owner mod. lol
i found her where she had been sitting in a back alley for over 7 YEARS!!!! in ravenswood wv, where i'm from, and around here 3/s's of any kind are rare as hell. i was going to my girlfriends house with a friend of mine and we saw the car at the same time. he had no idea what it was, and i informed him that it was between a 91-93 3000gt, and as i read the back, i declared "HOLEY SHIT, IT'S A VR-4!!!!!! I WANNA HUMP IT!!!!!" AND PROCEEDED TO JUST A LITTLE .LOL

Anyway, my friend wanted the car, and talked about getting it for a month or so, but never saved any money, or talked to the owner or anything besides talk b/s about buying it. i eventually told him that if he was'nt gonna act on the buy, then i was.

The next day, i knocked on the door of the house it was sitting behind, and a very nice elderly lady informed me that it was her sons car, and that it had sat there for 7+ years, and she wanted it gone!. she went on to give me his number, and upon speaking to him, he told me that his wife was driving it, and got the passenger fender backed into in a parking lot, and the same with the drivers door 2 weeks later. at that time he baught her a grand prix, and made her park his vr4. lol. he drove the car when he was home from work about twice a month, untill he hit a piece of railroad track that had fallen off a semi load on the interstate bending both front rims, and demolishing the tires. he then parked her where i found her almost 8 years later, and started her every now and then untill "it would'nt start anymore".

I baught the car for $1500.00 and all that worked when i got her was the headlights. lol. i began my work on her with a starter to get her cranking again. crank she did, but fire she did'nt. i pulled the plugs and found them dry as a bone. so next on the list was a new fuel pump and sending unit, as well as a servere tank cleaning including marbles and solvent. she then would soak her plugs with fuel, but would'nt fire still. after trying a crank sensor, I did a lil reasearch and discovered the 1st gen ecu issues, and sure enough, 1 ecu later, and she was running again. i then thanked the 3/s gods for a few things. No bent valves, No spun bearings, and no bad syncros in the transmission. lol

When she first fired she idled @ 2200rpms lol so i then rebuilt the throttle body with a new biss and gasket as well as a new isc. adjusted everything to spec and got her idling at the right level now 750-800rpm warm. afterwards came new plugs, wires, and the changing of every single fluid in her as well as a shiny set of oem 93vr4 chrome rims. she still needs the fender, door, and a paint job, but she is my baby, and i'll never ever sell her. i may even be buried with her. lol

will keep you updated with the body, interior, and other restoration as it comes along.

thanks to a local part out of a 97 base, i now have a good door and fender for her. not long before some fresh paint now.
1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 (Albany Black Pearl)


passenger fender and driver's door needed before paint can be done.

"edit" fender and door are in!!!
it's finally coming together.

and yes, you see it right. you can change the fender with the bumper on, and only 1 bolt out of the side skirt.



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