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3000GT LS
Cranberry (ATM)
A friend of mine paints cars at his home as a sideline job. He is really good at it too. Someone had brought him a car to paint a while back (like 2 years) and had him order the supplies. The supplies would total more than the owner gave him, so he tried to get in touch with the car owner to let him know the difference, but could not find him. He never did paint the car but still tried for a long time to find the car owner. He kept the car around expecting the owner to show up at some point. He had the car for almost 2 years and even towed it from one location to the next when he moved (same city). Still no owner.

My friend already has a project car of his own and doesn't want another. Plus the car was taking up space in his garage. He just wanted to get rid of it. Turns out that a business owner may take possession of an abandoned car as compensation for parts, labor, and storage fees. So he was able to get a new title for the car and sign it over to me.

I was lucky to get it before he sold it to a junk yard. All I paid was for him to tow it to my house.

It's called "The Mess" because it is. The interior is ripped up and partially disassembled. And wherever the previous owner had it painted last did a horrible job (pits everywhere).
1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT LS (Cranberry (ATM))


According to a receipt found in the car, the NA engine was rebuilt just 1000 miles ago. I plan to do the turbo upgrade at some point.



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