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Stealth R/T
Galaxy white pearl
N/A, ATX, Infinity sound system, Leather interior
Bought in may of 2015 with 194k from a Volunteers of America dealership after the 03 Blazer my father gave me spun a bearing. found out much later it was involved in an accident in 1995, with "minimal" damage to the front DS corner. Wasn't registered for the road until 97.

I drove the car until July when a girl pulled out of a parking lot in front of me and fucked up most of the front end(her actual words were: "I couldn't see if anyone was coming, so I just went."). Two months later, I finally had her back on the road, albeit with a few changes. couldn't fit the bumper cover anymore and had a lot of odd panel gap due to the radiator/headlight support being tweaked.

October of 2016 the first ATX shat the bed. i think the torque converter just shredded itself. she sat until June of 2016 when i could afford another ATX and the installation of such.

Got her back on the on June 22nd of 2016, my birthday coincidentally. drove her in her close to stock state for only a couple of weeks before i started "modding" her. stripped the interior from the rear seats to the trunk, installed a different spoiler, took her to Roadkill nights, and the Woodward dream cruise.

November of 2016 installed a shift box LITE, just to have the trans die on me again. this time in a quite spectacular fashion. found 1-2cm long metal shards in the ATF pan.

had her back on the road in January 2017, drove in light snow for the firs time ever, slid through a turn, bumped a curb, and got slammed into from behind. replaced both front struts to get it back on the road, but its got a slightly bent rim and bad wheel bearings.

as of march, I am in the process of doing a TT steering knuckle/brake swap, just waiting on parts.
1995 Dodge Stealth R/T (Galaxy white pearl)


- motor runs like a champ, even with 204k on it
- P.O. butchered the exhaust, unsurprisingly it broke, so it's now cut right where the flex pipe before the cat was
- Forced Four Shiftbox LITE, shifting hooked up to the horn buttons
- Translab Shiftkit, with firmest springs
- TT plenum
- K&N intake and filter
- Everything rearward of front seats is stripped
- "custom" bumper(top 3rd of a stock 2G cause a full one wont fit)
- Decoupaged DS fender(used illustrations from Lewis Carrol's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland")
- RocketBunny style duckbill spoiler(handmade by a friend of mine)
- 2 tone paint(galaxy pearl with matte black metallic spoiler and deck lid)
- Stock Infinity 6 speaker system(dash tweeters and door speakers are dead, so it's really a 2 speaker system)
- KYB front struts
- bad wheel bearings
- questionable inner tie rods
Wheel and Tire
- DrifZ GTRB 599's 17x8
- 225/50R17 all around
- Triangle TR968's on the front
- some random tires that i got for cheap on the rear



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