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General Information

Pearl White
6 disk player, mudflaps!!!
Bought the car in May 2010, bought it from a retired engineer who only drove it about 2000 miles in the 2.5 years he owned it. The carfax looked good, it drove well, was nice and quiet, had some decent mods so I decided to plunge into the TT/AWD world.

Since owning it I have put a LOT of street miles on it, drove to NG and back four times (5k+ round trip), performed at mostly all the NG events even. I get 24-26 mpg @ 80 mph, not bad!

My main goal is to build a well performing 3/S that doesnt have a mod list longer than I can remember. Upgrading suspension and brakes and becoming a better driver are more important to me than crazy engine mods. I beat much more heavily modded cars at the NG events due to simply having experience and a decent setup.

I have been to a dragstrip and the best run has been a [email protected] 106 mph

I autocross it 8-10 times a year, it does well but not exemplary, its a fast pig, but still a pig.

I have been to about a dozen lapping days at my local tracks. Look up Pacific Raceways and The Ridge Motorsports park. I have a bunch of videos of me at the Ridge in my 3000, check them out! Search for 93rt's channel in youtube.

Havent had any real problems with the car in the 75k miles since I have owned it.

I won best overall at NG15.
1998 Mitsubishi VR-4 (Pearl White)


3sx DP, DNP y-pipe 550 RC injectors, SAFC, Blitz EBC, custom billet 13t's, hotwired supra pump, KOYO 2" radiator, hardpipes, HKS sidemounts, EVO IX BOV.

Dyno'd 262 whp on Von's heartbreaker, he said add 14% for a comparable dynojet number (i was a tiny bit faster than another 9b car in 3 roll races in a row and he dynod 311). This was on the 9b's, the 13t's at the same boost have probably 20-60 more HP. I roll raced a 71 duster and smeared him pretty bad and he traps 108.

Not really under the hood but I have the SCE center differential and Pampena bellhousing brace as well as a 3" driveshaft shop 2 piece aluminum driveshaft (nice unit)
Mobo Leathers Tan/Black shift and e-brake boots. DEFI oil pressure, oil temp, and egt Advance CR gauges, 52mm black face gauges.

SAFC and Innovative WB02 gauge in the glovebox. Set and forget.
Skillard44 front splitter, black, looks good, works good.

Rolled rear fenders.
Alpine 9887 Deck, Alpine PDX 5.1 amp, Infinity Kappa Perfect 6.1 components, RF 6x9's (mid grade) JL 10w3 in a custom fiberglass box.
Muellerized Ohlins Road and Track coil overs

Homemade stainless steel front strut bar, TEC rear strut bar (why dont more people own this thing, IT ROCKS).

Stock rotors and Carbotech AX-6 in the rear.

Currently XYZ 14" 6 piston front brakes, they are huge.
Wheel and Tire
18x9 American Muscle AMR's, 255/35/18 Hoosier A6

18x9.0 Enkei RP01's with 265/35/18 Continental DW's

Stock chromies in the corner of the garage.



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