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3000GT VR-4
Starfire Pearl White
I first fell in love with this platform in 1991. A neighbor had a '91 R/T TT in mystic blue that I would see from the window of the school bus. Fast forward a few years to 1999 when I was 18 years old and I picked up my 1995 3000GT DOHC base model. I owned "Kimber" from 1999 until I sold her in 2012. During that time she was involved in a very long TT project that only truly wrapped up just a week before she was sold.

I purchased the '99 VR-4, "Quorra", in 2010 from GZP with 58K original miles. Car was 100% stock.

She was previously in an accident with the original owner in the winter of 2009. Frame damage was "repaired", not by GZP. I flew up to Pennsylvania picked her up and road tripped the car back to Texas. She drove great.

Soon after, put her on our local mustang dyno at PRT Performance to get a stock baseline.

100% stock
Mustang Dyno 9/25/10
248 AWHP
289 Ft-Lbs Torque

Link to my build thread.

In 2012 took the car down to go from stock to not with a 19T HL with supporting mods build. While we were in the car, found the reason GZP was so adamant about stating that they did not do the frame repair. It was done horribly. Cut off some of the front end of the car and repaired her properly. Here is a time lapse video of the build.

Soon after the build was completed, a coworker decided to back into my car while at work. This prompted a full repaint while remove any dent and ding on the car. Wanted to stay pearl white but went with a little different by using the Lexus Starfire pearl.

I still need to get her on a dyno, estimated between 450 - 600 awhp on E85.

TX3S 2010 - Best Stock
TX3S 2011 - Best Wheels
MOD 2012 - Best 3000GT
MOD 2013 - Best 3000GT
TX3S 2013 - Best Paint
3SGTO ROTM - January 2014
TX3S 2014 - Best of Show
3SGTO ROTM - July 2015
1999 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 (Starfire Pearl White)


19T HL
PTE 1,000cc Injectors
Aeromotive Fuel Pump
OhhNoo Dual Core FMIC
Montaro MAF
LC1 Innovate WBO2
Black Stealth Black Box
Dejon Turbo Pre Pipes and Y Pipe
Koyo Radiator
GReddy Type S BOV
MSD Wires NGK Plugs
IPS Oil Cooler
Gutted pre cats
Tanabe down pipe
Random Tech high flow cat
Borla cat back exhaust
Seattle91VR4 poly motor mounts
"3000GT" spark plug cover
Powder coated engine bay by Monochrome
E85 fuel
Tuned on Chrome ECU
GTO MR titanium shift knob
Ohio Spyderman Short Throw
"3000GT" door sill covers
S2000 seats - to be installed
Full car dissembled with every dent and ding taken out and repainted in Lexus Starfire Pearl White
Euro clear sidemarkers
RetroSpec side splitters
KYB OEM style struts
Tien S Tech springs
PRM/Carbing front strut bar
RPS clutch - to be installed
Pampena brace - to be installed
Wheel and Tire
18X9.5 SSR GT1 wheels



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