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3000GT SL
Putrid Green (Candy Apple Red In Progress)
If it was available as an option, I think this car has it.
I'm the 3rd Owner. Car originally sold for around $35,000 in 1993.

I paid $500.00, put a transmission in it, and the project began.
1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL (Putrid Green (Candy Apple Red In Progress))


Just plain old stock. The plan is a twin turbo install, and I'm researching now the best way to cost-effectively add this needed feature. I did get a spare valve cover and full intake manifold powder painted candy red to match the body color.
The interior was white, I mean everything from the leather seats, headliner, sun visors, carpet, door panel inserts all simply had to go. I found a perfect black back seat, then bit the bullet and sprung for new black leather front seats. I pulled the headliner and sun roof insert, peeled the white, scuffed it good and put new black headliner material, and dyed the visors black after carefully taping off the sewn in safety stickers. Carpet was pulled, and a used dark grey factory molded carpet was located at a local salvage. 10 bucks. some serious scrubbing with simple green and pressure washing netted me a carpet that looks plum new.
The green had to go. So did the pop up headlights. I took the entire radiator support from a '96 3000GT, new hood and the glass headlights. The headlights looked pretty rough, but a trip to the oven and careful dis-assembly (with rubber gloves), careful cleaning netted me a nearly perfect looking headlight. I also scrapped the rear bumper cover for one from another '96 model.
Even though this car had the absolute coolest factory radio (The rare factory double din with the red backlighting and visual on screen speaker placements) I opted to replace it with a Road Emperor Entertainment system. This unit has 7" high def touchscreen, both wifi and 3G, DVD, Radio, TV, Bluetooth, iGo8 navigation system and a rear view camera.
Stock. And I love it! I have the two stage suspension, and the sport setting really stiffens things up. I'd almost swear it lets the car stoop a little lower than without sport engaged. Sure feels that way.
Wheel and Tire
The factory 16" aluminum's had to go. This being a budget project, Craigslist and 125 bucks later a set of nice 18" wheels was obtained. I did have to lay down over 400 bills for the tires though.


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