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Pearl White
Picked up in early 2013 at 93,254.
Drove the car the entire summer without problems.
Had plenty of fun racing this and that. My first real
problem ended up being a 16 year driving right through a stop sign into the main street of the college town I live in. I switched lanes to avoid him but he literally drove straight into my passenger side like it wasn't there. I was pissed. He was crying. He just got his license a few days prior, and he just lost it right then and there. I sent my car to the best auto shop in town and got it fixed and was able to drive it a month later. Winter hit and I threw it in the garage. I pulled it out this spring to find the crank pulley was trashed and trying to separate. I fixed that and have drove it since. Now at 102000 miles and I've never liked a car more. As far as building it for now I just want to leave it in it's current state and fix any problem no matter how small and just use it to drive around this summer, take it to a few shows and meets and just enjoy it as much as possible.
1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT (Pearl White)


K&N air filter came dented with the car.
Prosport manual boost controller(10psi)
Aluminum y-pipe(brand unknown but decent quality)
Red MSD wires
Vacuum line delete/egr delete
Evo 10 metal Bov
Decently persevered black leather seats one crack on the drivers seat and just some wearing on the color of the passengers seat.
Painted calipers, Drilled and slotted rotors and painted Mitsubishi badge.
Standard stereo, although I enjoy the auxiliary port just about everyday. I have a prosport boost gauge that is fun to watch. Funny story is my friend with an evo 8 was upset to find my car came standard with an auxiliary port and cruise control in a car that was 10 years older than his.
All wheel steering deleted.
Wheel and Tire
Stock wheels



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