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Wheat Beige
i bought my stealth from a kid in my home town who i saw drive it all around town and i wanted it in the worst way. when i saw it for sale in front of a shop with a bad ecu for 900.00 i jumped on it and had it in my garage that night. once getting it home i started to realize all the "little thing that dont matter" and how many problems there really are. i would have been better off buying a new stealth or 3k. every time i would get it running and everything seeming to function right on the test drive something else would break or go wrong with it. as much as it has cost me already i have gotten sucked into my car after the fun i have had on testdrives down the mountain roads, street racing and testing the 4 corner fully adjustable coilovers to their max.

over the last 2 years i have:

replaced most of the motors sensors and done all the tuneups and maintenance needed.

added k sport fully adjustable coilovers

DRT Sport Cross Drilled/Slotted Rotors

fidanza 2.1 clutch and lightened flywheel.

lightened under drive pulley

3sx headers, downpipe and test pipe. flowmaster 44 muffler and 2.5" pipe.

throttle body spacer, cold air intake, 650cc injectors, walbro 255 hot wired fuel pump.

homemade poly motor mounts
1992 dodge stealth (Wheat Beige)



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