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3000GT VR-4
Pearl Yellow
I have always wanted a 3000GT. I started in the DSM crowd in 2003 with a 99 GST. I got very comfortable working on this car and modifying it. In 2009 I was talking with a gentleman at work and Mitsubishi vehicles. He was drawn to my enthusiasm when it came to working on them. He came in the next day and told me his wife had a 94 3000GT VR-4 for sale as she got a new car. He really wanted it to go to a good home as it needed some work. We came up with a price of 1800. The day before I was going to purchase the car, personal stuff got in the way and I had to cancel the purchase. About three months later, the gentleman came to see me at work to ask how things were going. I had told him about everything going on and that I was doing better. He told me that he didn't sell the car because he had hoped that I was still interested. I was told that if I showed up with a tow truck and $500 I would walk away with it. Upon coming to his house, he handed me another $1,000 to give to his wife as he did not tell her he sold it for only 500. I felt bad buying the car as she started crying handing over the keys. I assured her I had plans for the car.
It sat for nearly a year as I couldn't get to it. It ran, but needed a bit of work. It now sits nearly just a frame while a couple of fixes turned into a restoration.
1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 (Pearl Yellow)


Stock rebuilt engine. Many new parts. A/C delete, CC delete, Vacuum reduction, OOHNOO fmic, ABS delete, front Aero delete. This will be intended to remain stock, but exceptionally clean.
Bone stock. More focused on getting the power train
Bone stock. I love the body lines.
A six-speed manual.
Bone stock with ECS intact.



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