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General Information

3000GT SL Supercharged
Black Cherry
Original owner purchased car in 1994 then died 6 months later. Vehicle was in storage for over 10 years tied up in a Legal Trust. Car appeared December 2004 in Connecticut with 3400 miles. I purchased the car in an auction with 26K in 2006. Vehicle was in mint condition and now has 61K. Had car painted, supercharged the engine, added tires wheels and many other mods in the last 2 years. See detail below
1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL Supercharged (Black Cherry)


Thomas Knight supercharger system using a Magnuson MP90 Eaton 4th generation blower running 8psi boost. OBX Stainess steel long tube headers, CoolingMist water methanol injection. Custom flow through exhaust system built around Flowmaster muffler and resonators. 38 lbs injectors, JDM adjustable fuel pressure regulator and APEXI AFC NEO for fuel control. Converted to a 92 TT ECU for better fuel maps and timing control. Cool air plumbing to supply air intake. 8mm low resistance ignition wire. Hand built vacuum manifold. Now using Derale to handle radiator fan controls due to loss of fan control due to ECU swap. Moved to a F1 Racing Technologies FRX100 street clutch setup.

Engine is producing 306hp at the wheels or about 367hp at the flywheel when injecting W/M.
Essentially stock except for Boost and O2 gauges mounted on A pillar and Indigo main gauge cluster. Jensen sound/navigation system. Installed a outdoor temperature display in the overhead light console. Also running a APEXI NEO super air flow controller. Controls to arm water methanol injection and manually engage secondary radiator fan.
Removed all badging, repainted to a Black Cherry base/clearcoat. Added hood scoop to provide clearance for supercharger.
Jensen Sound system with navigation
Essentially stock however the 3000 is equipped with Electronically Controlled Suspension
Wheel and Tire
VCT - Gitano G16 18x7.5 chrome wheels and Nexen 245x40x18 N3000 tires



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