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3000gt vr-4
Stock Wheat Beige (was purchased primed yellow)
Well the story of Lucile 2 is a long one. I first saw this car on craigslist in January of 2013. I wanted bad so i contacted the seller and we agreed to meet up so i could take a look. I was broke at the time and had no way of purchasing the car.

The story he had told me was that it belonged to his cousin who had died seven years ago. The car had sat for 7 years and during the that time the seller slowly started doing repairs and taking it out more frequently. So naturally i was weary, i mean hell this is craigslist and the pictures didn't really show much. However i was pleasantly suprised

When I showed up the car had a professionally mounted bomex kit, aftermarket hood with hoodpins; mechanically it pulled hard, the trans shifted smooth and everything worked properly(ECS, Rear wiper, Active Exhaust, Doors, locks). It was also was loaded with some high end electronics. Venom alarm system, Lojack, Kenwood Kvt-911 head unit with gps and Sirius Xm. Also relocated lock and window switches to the center console, Crossovers in the door panels along with 3 components and a setup for two amps and 4 subs. However there were a few cons no trunk, no active aero, tires were bald, and obviously it needs paint job. Needless to say over the next couple of months i dreamed of this car.

Then two months later when browsing craigslist, I noticed the same car was for sale for $2,000. So i contacted the seller again and asked him why no one had made any offers. Turns out his tranny was starting to grind into 3rd. (possibly 3rd gear synchro).
So we negotiated that i would take the car for $1500 and he would keep the subs, cross-overs, and all of the speaker as well as the EQ, at least i was able to keep the head unit.

I drove the car all the way home from the Philly area with a rear plate. When i got back first order of business was to do a second closer inspection. I cleaned my car along the with the help of fiance with a toothbrush water and car soap. The amount of grime and pollen that had settled on this car over the past couple of years.

I ordered some parts off 3sx such as egr block off plates and redline fluid kit. I started to learn things hear and there; for instance the alarm system doesn't work and there was a stage three clutch installed. I found new vacuum lines in the trunk along with new chrome defroster vents. I also found every single oil change done since 2001 and the original car manual. I gutted the head unit (which is now for sale) and found out the reason the alarm didnt work was because it had never been connected from the relay box to the wiring harness. (still trying to decide as to whether or not i should get rid of it) And i also found out the indglow gauges were not installed properly. (they glow on and off, and the oil pressure and thermometer gauges aren't reading properly.) I found that i have a underglow kit that is wired however damage was done the tubes are broken and on of the tubes plugs is shot. I did an oil change kept the ngk wires and swapped out the plugs. I contacted another seller off of ebay and bought all the paneling and two heated side view mirrors for $180. Again a decent deal. so up next is tires
1991 Mitsubishi 3000gt vr-4 (Stock Wheat Beige (was purchased primed yellow))


Supposedly *rebuilt* engine with 50k
150k on the odometer
Supposedly rebuilt and ported/polished turbos
Either way they spool fine
Indi-glow white face gauges
Reupholstered seats
Full interior is dynamatted
No rear seats
No carpet
Bomex Body Kit
Bomex side view mirror
Snake Eyes modification
Old Tint
Neon Underlights
Unknown brand of aftermarket rims
Kenwood kvt-911
Sirius XM
Full Monster audio cables
Wheel and Tire
Unknown after market rims and 245/45 R17 Futura



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