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General Information

GTO TT MR. Serial No Z15A0600289.
Pearl White.
Pretty much stock.
I bought a 99 TT GTO and it changed my life. Next came a bucket list idea, to race my wife. I had seen here and there on the net that 99 VR4 was the last 3s and found out this was wrong. Got a 2000 built TT GTO for the wife just to prove I could.
While researching 2000 calender year GTO's I found out there were two that could be the last 3s TT ever made. ( Last 3s full stop is a silver NA SR came of the line in early August 2000 )
The two serial numbers I came up with for last TT were,- Z16A0600144 and Z15A0600289 both produced in late July 2000.
I decided since there were more Z15 chassis cars made and the last NA in early August 2000 was a Z15, chances were Z15A0600289 was the car I was after. I sought help and was told there was no chance of finding the whereabouts of a Japanese car from just a serial number. Kept a watch of auctions etc but nothing.
Our 99 model GTO's have different wiring to a 99 VR4 that you can easily buy a workshop manual for, so I hired a Japanese Teacher to help translate Japanese workshop wiring manuals for the GTO. My wife found her number on a advert board at the local Post Office.
Got to talking about Japan and the last TT GTO and she said she would help look. I was doubtfull, but never realised the power of social media and determination of Japanese teachers. Long story short, with the help of people on " Mixi " ( the Japanese equivalent of Facebook ) we found Z15A0600289 in Tokyo, Japan and was fortunate to buy it, ship it to Australia and get it complianced and registered to drive on road here.
Had not been on road in Japan since 2009 so only had 36,005klm. In very good order and so glad I stuck my neck out and gave it a go.

( Magazine pic is from Sept 2011 issue of Holiday Auto Magazine. Article and pics are on this car. The last TT GTO. )

Pic of JDM Recall notice for TT GTO lists final production date of this car as July 30 2000.
Coincidence, this is my wifes birthday. Thats interesting when you realise the next pic from this cars warranty & maintenance book shows the original owner purchased it on Aug 8 2000. My birthday. Blew me away when I realised that.
Also the first 99 TT GTO we bought, is serial number Z15A0500289. Same Z15 production number as this car but one year before.
Reckon our paths were meant to cross.

Edit. April 2014.
Found out for sure this car is the last 3s Twin Turbo.
Was lucky enough to buy Z16A0600144 as well and its engine serial number is 6G72MK8774. One number less than Z15A0600289 which is 6G72MK8775.
2000 Mitsubishi GTO TT MR. Serial No Z15A0600289. (Pearl White.)


Stock and staying that way.
Stock, I won't change much.
Made some small changes in back to accomadate a full size spare wheel. Did this in such a way that future owners can easily put it back to factory if they wish.
Window, rain-wind guards were a mitsubishi dealer accessory.
Sony CD receiver and a Uniden 2way radio so I can talk to people on the road.
Original owners manual, warranty & maintenance booklet. Service sheets etc.
Z15 TT MR GTO has non ECS suspension.
Also no AWS. ( Assist links limit the travel of the trailing arm. )
Wheel and Tire
Stock rims.
Kuhmo Ku31 245/40/ ZR18 XL 97Y tyres.

( 2 car pic is last and second last TT GTO's together. Last is closest camera )

MR GTO has wind vanes to direct air on to brake rotors.



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