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3000GT VR-4
Ever since I was a kid I had always loved the Dodge Stealth. In Canada we had never had the 3000GT sold here so I had never seen one as a kid but I always wanted a Stealth. I fell in love with the 3000GT when the car was featured in Gran Turismo 1 and had loved them ever since. It wasn't until I was out of college for a couple years that I finally found my chance to grab the car I loved so much.

I had a few friends whom had Japanese sports cars that I often rode with and grew rather jealous of. One was a 1991 TT 300ZX, another had a 1993 FD RX7 and the third had a 1994 Toyota Supra, all great cars. I kept an eye out for many cars and almost bought an Evo IV at one point and an RX7 at another.

That is when the ad for this car came up. 85000 original miles from one owner that had imported the car when he moved to Canada. The car had never seen the winter and was absolutely bone stock. My dream car was available and I jumped at the opportunity. I drove seven hours to look at the car and put in a deposit within ten minutes. I returned two weeks later, picked up the car, and that was that.
1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 (RED)


Borla cat-back exhaust
3SX downpipe
Random Technologies High Flow Catalytic Converter

Future plans: Currently what I have in the works is mostly cosmetic. I would like to polish and powder coat the valve covers and intake plenums. I would like to clean up and replace some of the pipes which are getting older.

As for future upgrades I have not really decided on a route yet. Next up will likely be an electronic boost controller so I can get the most our of the current setup as possible. After that I will likely look for some advice on what to complete next.
Clarion VZ-401 Audio Deck
Tein S-Tech Lowering Springs

Future Plans: Next season I will be going for some sort of coilover setup. I will likely end up going with the Megan coilovers as I have heard they do a good job for our platform.
Wheel and Tire
18x9.5 Bronze Rays Engineering Volk TE-37 Wheels



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