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GTO Twin Turbo Special Version
Corse Gray
Fully loaded, manual, leather, moonroof etc etc
It's 2001. I'd recently just up'd my street terrorising game to a Ford Sierra Cosworth (think some of you guys may need to google it as it wasnt sold in the States...or look in my other garage as I still own it)...this in turn got my mate on a hunt for something to bring his cred up......this led him to a Mitsubishi Twin Turbo GTO at a nearby car dealer. The deal was done, the GTO now in his possession....a wad of cash was thrown at it and then for the following year it enjoyed shutting down Honda's and Subaru's at all the local and not so local car hang outs, and gaining quite a rep back in the day. I then lost touch with my friend after he moved away. Seven years later he's back in touch, and back in the area! We meet up for a pint and a catch up, remembering old times etc we are quickly brought onto the subject of cars. Turned out that old GTO was still in his possession, and had spent all those year's abandoned on a driveway of a neighbour of his parents. Cut the story short a little, an excellent deal was done, the car was mine. Went over with a trailer, connected up a battery, thought sod it and turned the fired up...lifters tapped their ass off for a while then settled down and sounded great! Got it on the trailer and got it home. Within three days it was road worthy and fully legal...a true testament to the build quality of these cars, given the British weather that it had endured for all those year's! I hammered it around for a while, then eventually fried a couple of pistons due to det whilst dragging against a mates '79 Transam and my over use of the boost controller and ignoring the datalogger screaming at me to back off! I built up a new unit and have been enjoying the car ever since :)
I recently discovered via a dealer VIN enquiry that it's actually one of lesser known 300 limited edition models badged as "Special Version" by Mitsubishi. These came loaded with all options plus a few little extras only available to the SV, such as GTO embroidery on the leather interior and Corse Gray colour standard wheels with a diamond cut lip (Ive added two pics of a brochure for this model as not many people seem to have heard of it). All work so far is done by myself, the only bit I wont do is paintwork, which is next on the never ending list. But if there was an end, what other excuse would I have to escape the wife? :) I bought the car purely by chance, with the intention of a quick clean up then shift it on for a quick buck....fortunately it got under my skin and now I enjoy my daily drive to work so much its nice to know that I brought such a rare model back from the dead!

1992 Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo Special Version (Corse Gray)


Full engine rebuild/freshen up, Alloy Y pipe, 3rd gen lifters,HKS induction, oohnoo FMIC kit (powdercoated satin black), Weber AFPR,HKS front pipe leading to a decat pipe and then onto the stock rear boxes (centre box removed), IK27 plugs and new stock wires, hot wired Walbro 255lh/hp vac reduction mod, HKS bov (plumb to recirc), Six speed conversion.

Plans for the near future are a pair of 13t's (got one, waiting for a matching second now) and 550injectors, along with an exhaust butterfly/cut-out (annoy the neighbours on whim) That should tied me over for a little while longer :)
Stock Special Version leather, Blitz, Apexi, AEM monitoring and controlling equipment, Momo Prototipo 350mm steering wheel.
Future plans are to have the seats retrimmed, inc the GTO stitching...just to keep it tidy.

Standard Corse Gray paint work, GTO lower door decals.
Kenwood CD player, Pioneer front mids and tweets (in stock locations, tweets behind stock grilles), JL Audio 6x9's in rear stock position.
Eibach springs -30mm, KYB gas shocks (ECS delete)
Wheel and Tire
Autostrada Modena three peice split rims, 265/40-17 rear and 245/45-17 front.



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