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Firestorm Red
Base....with a couple snails ;)
My first car. I spent a lot of time and money making her look good and perform well.....then she hydrolocked.

After 6 months of waiting on a shop to do a 6G74 swap, a good friend of mine was rear-ended in his pristine '91 VR4 with LOOOOTS of work done to it.

So, I bought his totaled car, took em both to Ground Zero Performance, and a week later had a TT FWD 16T car with a 1,500 mile (bought new by the VR4 owner a few years ago and barely driven) JDM 6 Speed, 1,500 mile heads and 1,500 mile turbos. Basically, a brand new car. It made 280whp/293wtq on 93 at GZP, then my friend and I tuned it to be a little over 300whp. The stock injectors ran out of fuel, otherwise it coulda been a lot higher. Some DSM 450CCs are coming in the near future :)

I then swapped his entire red/black cloth interior and used every bit of that car that I could. I even swapped over the front brake calipers (though I already had VR4 front brakes), keeping them white as a small tribute to the white VR4 that made the swap possible!

[b]Closer to Now:[/b]
1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT FWD TT (Firestorm Red)


TT Swap-
--'91 TT engine--
-IPS Street heads
-ARP headstuds
-JDM 6 Speed transmission. Converted to FWD
-Chrome ECU
-Innovate LC-2 wideband
-Dynamic Racing 16T turbos
-Walbro 255
-External oil cooler
-Greddy Type RS BOV
-K&N Drop-in air filter
-Mishimoto radiator
-Krank vents
-South Bend DxD Stage 2 clutch
-Black 8.5mm MSD plug wires
-"Twin turbo" spark plug cover
-Powdercoated valve covers
-Powdercoated intake plenum
-3SX Polyurethane engine mounts

-Custom 3"/2.5" exhaust
*IPS Downpipe
*Test pipe
*Custom y-pipe
*Double-walled Magnaflow quad tips

-Aluminum shifter base bushings
-Brass shifter cable bushings
-Aluminum shifter linkage bracket bushings
Full red/black cloth interior swap out of the '91 VR4.

-Oil pressure
-Fuel pressure
-Water temp

AFR gauge

-4.5" OLDDDD Boss Double din touchscreen head unit:
*A/V Inputs

-Replaced the stock speakers with Alpines

-Red LED lighting

-Gunmetal powdercoated Ralliart shift knob
-3SX GTO pedal covers
-Custom embroidered 3000GT Twin Turbo floor mats
I'm going for a cleanly modified look. Nothing too flashy. Exterior color scheme is red/black. The new silver wheels make it sooo much cleaner than the old, stock painted-gunmetal wheels did.

-Powdercoated brake calipers - White with red lettering
-Painted headlight inserts - Black
-Painted 1G rear garnish - Black (going with a '99 garnish soon)
-6000K halogen fogs and high beams
-6000K HID low beams
-Custom switchback LED turn signals with black lenses
-Evo X license plate mount
-3 pedals and a steering wheel
-Poly lower control arm bushings
-Front strut brace
-CXRacing coilovers
Wheel and Tire
-18x9 +35 Motegi Traklites
-Cooper Zeon RS3-S 245/40-18 tires
-7mm Motorsport-tech hub/wheel centric spacers on the front (to clear 1G VR4 brakes)

-1G VR4 front brakes with stiffening bolts
-EBC Yellowstuff brake pads



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