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This is currently my only car and is my DD. The plan for my Stealth is a solid comfortable DD with no comprimises that can drive 600+ miles to a gathering on a Friday, make 6 to 10 passes down the drag strip on Saturday, 200 more miles north to visit relatives on Sunday, and 600+ miles back home and be at work again on Monday. So far it has done ALL that, it has been to NG and ECG the past 2 years, NEG in 2011, Ran the NJ Lighthouse Challenge last year and getting ready to run again in Oct. Now I'm just in the process of finishing the project. Bought from ZerotoSixty in Sept of 2010 as a high miles, full BPU project that needed lots of TLC. The car had 205k on it when I bought it. After my first winter with the car the old transmission seized and after a nightmare with a Kormex rebuild that fell apart, I had a brand new Mitsubishi 5 speed and 25 spline TC installed by Cherry Hill Mitsubishi. Almost one year later one of the pistons fragged in the motor prompting a Pampena Stage 2 replacement with all forged internals. The motor was also dealer installed by Cherry Hill and re-installed by Pampena after warranty work. Since I've had the car I have replaced with factory or better: The motor, clutch slave and master and all lines, transmission, TC, drive shaft, one CV shaft, front brake calipers, front wheel bearings, shocks, ignition coils, stereo, and more I can't think of. There is less than 10k on brand new transmission and less than 3k on new motor. It's not easy to build a car while driving it, but that's the most fun way.

Future includes Venom front bumper, rear difuser, large sunroof, new paint and all new leather interior. Also planned are Evo 560 injectors, Denso supra pump, 99 ECU with chrome tune, Blackstealth in-dash LCD EBC datalogger. I already have most parts in my posession like the conversion harness for ECU and the LCD EBC etc... it's slowly coming together.
1991 Dodge Stealth (Red)


Pampena Stage 2 short block
Fresh heads
Solid mounts
K&N 4.5" FIPK
Aluminum Y pipe
Vac reduction
EGR delete
Hotwired pump
New Mitsu ignition coils
Stainless down pipe
Race pipe
Borla exhaust
500 lb. clutch
Brand new dealer installed Mitsu 5 speed
25 spline output shaft
2 pc. Aluminum Hybrid Drive Shaft

Still on 9bs and I like them a lot. I will be able to handle much bigger turbos once the car is done, but I'm keeping the 9bs until it's 100% then decide what turbos will work best with the finished car. :)
Newer factory cloth interior
Short throw shifter
Evo leather shift knob
Red sift boot/black stitching
FATT Turbo Timer
Front splitter
Hood blister vents
Rain deflector molding at top of doors
7.5" touch screen navigation DVD stereo
10" Bazooka sub
Bluetooth Hands free through stereo
External MP3/ipod/usb ports
New factory replacement non-ECS shocks
Factory springs

Upgraded swaybars will be in the future when I do the bushings.
Wheel and Tire
18" Mazdaspeed wheels were on the car when I bought it. I'm not convinced I want to keep them, but they have served me well for 2 years.

Cooper CS4-V

These are awesome tires! It's hard to find anything all season that matches the Potenzas I had last summer! I don't think these are Potenza competition but they are awesome in all situations and comfortable while glued to the road!



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