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rotor glow orange
r/t fwd, converted to r/t tt.
this car has more sentimental value than anything. ive been part of the Dodge/Mitsubishi family for years. This is Eleanor like the mustang/gone in 60 seconds. I bought this car for $1000.00 off a relative. They couldnt keep the car running. it would run fine but sometimes when youd cut it off it wouldnt start back. My aunt took this car to at least 15 mechanics but always ended with the some result. I had previously owned a camaro that had the same problem so I took the chance on buying it and diagnosing the car myself. 2 days later in sure disbelief i was cruising like a champ. I pulled the anti-theft system relay and never had another problem. So its more less my trophy car that no other mechanic could fix and i was able to fix with no$$$$$$$. Now im currently converting the 24valve duel overhead cam non turbo. Bought a beautiful new motor from japan with brand new everything. everything on this car is restored top to bottom. all brand new parts. finishing off with a rotor glow orange paint job with black top and pop up headlights. I sold my regular tt last year that had only 30,000 miles on it. It had a similar problam but ended up being climate issues. bought from a collector in Grandview Missouri and sold to someone in Colorado. he never had a problem with the car starting again.
1992 dodge stealth (rotor glow orange)


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