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3000gt VR4
My one-year anniversary! I bought this car February 7th 2013... coincidentally exactly one year before the deadline of February ROTM! I bought the car in Las Vegas and drove it to California. After loving life with my dream for a few days, on February 12th I drove the car to FSR Motorsports where it was undergoing a complete overhaul. 11 months and 3 weeks later, I received my baby back with over 500whp of daily-driven awesomeness. It has only been a year since I owned my dream car and I devoted my passion into making my dream car into a reality. This month my girlfriend and I have mapped out an entire 7 day road trip from California to Rhode Island. Some people do not daily drive their race car... I will be doing a cross-country road trip in mine. When I designed the build I did so in a way that made the ProEFI seem like the perfect choice. I can drive around at 300whp on pump or put some e85 in and have the ecu automatically adjust the boost. I wanted to build an ideal street car, in my opinion and preference, and I won't stop until it becomes a reality. Thank you for your time in visiting my garage.
1992 Mitsubishi 3000gt VR4 (Black)


Daily-driven 500+whp-- DR750 turbos with wastegate actuators, krank vents, running on e85 and pump via proEFI 128 and its flex fuel sensor (among numerous of other sensors), Walbro 400lph (e85 version), 1100cc FIC injectors, Southbend Stage 4fe clutch, AEM FPR, 3SX motor mounts, FSR custom twin intakes, straight/testpipe into a single-shot 3in exhaust, deleted rear pre-cats, HKS BOV, NGK spark plugs, Maximal stage 2 transfer case bracket, RPS LWFW, PST 1pc Carbon Fiber drive shaft, HKS DLI, Kennebell Boost a Pump, and running stock sidemount intercoolers to maintain the stock/sleeper look. I have a fully forged 3.1l engine that will be going into my car by summer 2014.
The 3.1l engine consists of:
3rd Gen block ( hot tanked and cleaned, Bored for 92.5MM Weisco pistons)
Brian Crower H Beam Rods
Standard 6G72 Forged Crank ( polished).
Mitsubishi MLS headgaskets
Clevite Main and Rod bearings ( standard)
mitsubishi MLS headgaskets
New Oil pump
Water Pump 500 miles
Rebuilt heads, 3 angel grind new VSS and 3rd gen lifters
Heads were fully ported, and combustion chambers blended.
Factory cams and cam gears

My goal is to make history with 700whp on td04s!
Stripped rear hatch, short shifter, Corbeau FX1Pro racing seats (soon to be roll bar with 5 pt harnesses). Inside of my center console I have a knob that changes my settings from 300whp on pump to 500whp+ on e85. Next to the knob is the PROefi 128 CAN Display-- monitoring anything and everything. I also have a mounted go-pro camera attached to the sunroof.
Aftermarket sunroof. Going with the stock/sleeper look; wingless and dropped.
Removed the stereo (wasn't working when I bought it stock).
K Sport coilovers.
Wheel and Tire
Stock wheels with beefy snow tires- brrrr!



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