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General Information

3000GT SL
CLOTH seats with powered driver seat
Modifications on this car started with the basics: lowered on some affordable coilovers and a set of decent looking wheels. In the past couple of years I found myself becoming seriously involved with autocross and since then most of my attention for the car have been made toward optimizing the car for autocross within the allowances of the particular class I race in. I've made it a point to keep things simple and effective when it comes to modifications on the car. Most of my time was spent on suspension research and trying to put together an affordable, effective package using unconventional parts and some custom machining (a rear coilover setup using 2G DSM Koni Yellows is in the works).

The NA will hold its own against much newer cars with more power on an autocross course but more importantly it's extremely well-balanced, easy to rotate using throttle-lifts, and just good fun to drive. It's hard to believe that this car performs as well as it does and handles the abuse I dish out with 203K miles on the clock!

I've had my NA 3000GT for almost 5 years now. It's taken me through high school and hopefully, with some luck, it'll see me through all 4 years of my college career and beyond!
1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL (White)


-Stock intake w/K&N drop-in filter
-Accel Ignition Wires
-3SX Fedspec downpipe
-Ren Motorsports-fabricated catback exhaust
-VR4 fuel pump
-Maximal Performance solid engine mounts (F/R)

-Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel
-Exedy OEM-spec clutch kit
-3SX stainless steel clutch line
MOMO Millenium steering wheel
Razo GT-spec gas pedal only
Gutted trunk - window washer resevoir, antenna motor removed
-1G Stealth RT front bumper (result of car accident not choice lol)
-DDM tuning HID kit
-Gutted hatch - rear wiper, wiper motor, rear wing removed
-Lots and lots of battle scars from mowing down cones lol
Random Sony receiver from a swap meet in China. (Read: probably not Sony. Works well enough though ;) )
Polk Audio speakers
I started out with a set of off the shelf Megan Racing coilovers but a couple of years down the road I decided to refine my suspension setup with better damper/spring rate combinations in the interest of better ride on the road and more grip at some of the bumpier, more undulating lots we have here for autocross. I do miss having the front camber plates for the Megan coilovers though.

Front: Stock front strut housing modified for Bilstein HD inverted strut insert w/ Ground Control coilover sleeves on 450lb (8kg) Eibach coilover springs and Hyperco helper springs.

Rear: Megan Racing front coilover dampers threaded into rear lower mounts with 400lb (7kg) Eibach coilover springs. The front dampers offer a bit more travel and somewhat better damping characteristics for my particular spring rate and larger diameter shaft for a more robust rear suspension in racing conditions. I also used the upper spring perches from the front coilovers, this allows the rear springs to sit apart from the rear upper shock mounts. Result: The pillowball bearings in the rear shock mounts can now actually do their work and allow the rear shocks to articulate freely, reducing bind and lateral stress on the shock shaft.

-Maximal Performance adjustable rear camber arms
-Addco rear sway bar

EBC Yellow pads F/R
Centric blank rotors
3SX stainless steel brake lines
Wheel and Tire
Rota Torque 18x9.5 +20mm
275/35/18 Dunlop Direzza Z1 Star-spec (Falken Azenis RT615K pictured)
1G base 3000GT wheels 16x8
265/45/16 Kumho V710 R-Compound

Race tires waiting anxiously for wheels:
245/40/17 Hoosier A6
275/40/17 Hoosier A6
280/680/18 Yokohama ENV-R1 race slicks



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