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3000GT VR4
I have owned a total of 4 3000GTs. It started in 2003 with my 97 SL (black). I did a few mods to the bumper and minor mods to the engine and realized that I wanted a VR4. This is when I found my 1st VR4. I flew down to LA to pick it up. It was a 97 VR4 that had blow struts and no radio. I think you can imagine the ride back from Cali to Montana and 17 hr drive. I proceeded to give the car lots of attention and after a few mods the 6 speed went out. At this point it was 2006 and I found/ joined 3si. I also bought the shop manuals and an automotive encyclopedia. With the failed 3rd. attempt by the local mechanics to rebuild my Trans; which they told me they could do and a year later, I got the car back. On the day I got the car back was also the end of this car. I was on my home with the car and went to go through a set of lights that were not working right and was hit by an F-350. He ruined the firewall and messed up the car really bad. I parted the car out.

I found my 2nd VR4 in West Virginia and decided to ship this one out to Montana. It was a 97 VR4 (green). This car did not last long as I had family issues and had to sell the car off. The VR4 is still driving the streets of Great Falls, MT. I bought a 3rd gen eclipse in its place. I will say that the 3rd gens are the cheapest made cars on the road and I will never own one again.

Skip ahead a couple of years and I fixed things with the family and made a deal with the Mrs. that if I sold the eclipse that I could buy a new VR4 again. By chance I found one with blown Turbos in West Virginia again. This one was black and was again a 97 VR4. Hopefully this stays my last VR4 for good and I get to pass it on to my children when I'm old. I had been saving up money for a while and knew where I wanted to go with it this time. The question for here was to allow a shop to do some of the work; ie heads and motor. Or do all the work myself. In the end I decided to have IPS build some of the car under the hood and have the work/parts guaranteed. After a year and a half at IPS in Ohio, I drove out to pick it up. The kids and wife came with me and once we picked it up we drove out to New Hampshire (my home) with both the car and my truck. Once my vacation was done I tailored it back to Montana. By the way Mitsubishi made a really nice truck for a little while (06 Raider Duro Cross v8).

Once back I started to learn my new AEM EMS II soft ware. A while back I had learned how to do tuning basics with a mega swirt and now had to learn a new system. I also started doing all the other mods like suspension, stereo, and other things that are listed below. The last thing that has just happened is the Transmission rebuild due to a bad shift fork. This is where I sent it off to WA to be rebuilt by Dave McCracken. Also had the Bell housing brace welded in too.

In the end I
1997 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 (Black)


99 big bore lifter kit
Walbro Fuel Pump W/hardwire kit
Blitz SBCid II
550cc PTE injectors
MSD Spark Plug Wires
HKS DLI Ignition Amp
New OEM Ignition coils
Mishimoto Radiator Hose Kit (Red)
IPS Oil Cooler Kit
120k Maintance Package
HKS Supper SQ3 BOV
IPS 19T Stage 2 Turbos w/ported exhaust and cipped
IPS FMIC W/black tubing
IPS stainless Downpipe
IPS Stage 1 Block w/ross pistons
IPS CNC ported heads w/high rev springs & retainer package
272 Cams
IPS Gen2 Quad-tip Exhaust System/ removed Cat
Dejon Blow thru twin Intake pipes w/ K&N filters
Cermanic Painted valve cover (pearl/matalic red)
Cermanic Painted Intake manifold (black)
Cermanic Painted transmission (black)
Vac reduction
3.5 Bar Sensor
2 step colder NGK plugs

(Coming 3 Nov 2012)
3sx high flow Fuel Filter
Fuel Lab FPR W/ Gauge
Upgraded Steel Braided Fuel lines
3sx Fuel rail loop


Competition Clutch Kit Stage 4 (6 Puk Unsprung)
Billet CNC Machined Transmission Shift Forks
Getrag Transmission Bearing Kit
Getrag Transmission Synchro Rebuild Kit
3SX Shifter Assembly Stabilizer Bushing Kit
Welded Bell Housing Brace
(future mod) All black interior (seats are black leather with red stiching)
Single Gauge Pod
Blitz Turbo Timer
99 Front end Conversion
99 sail Pannels
Pit Road (one off) CF hood
Kenwood KDC BT852HD
Kenwood Excelon 6x9,6.5, and tweeters
Kenwood Excelon 1000 Watt 4 channel amp
Kenwood Excelon 1000 Watt amp
Custom sub box
2/ 12' Rockerfard HE2 Punchs
New speaker wire run throughout the whole car.
Megan Racing Full Coilover Suspension
TEC front and back strut bars
3sx Rear Camber Adjments
Red Painted Calipers
Zinc Plated Drill/slotted Rotors
Ceramic pads
Wheel and Tire
Drag 18x9.5 /28mm offset (flat black w/red ring)
Kumho ESCTA 265/35/18



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