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General Information

3000GT VR4
Red / black top
BUILT By Pampena Motorsports

I purchased this car in 2008 from Milt. I paid 4K for it and it came with a rebuilt 2bolt. Overall the car was in good shape but it wasn't what I wanted so I decided to get her ready for an upgrade.

I started out with installing my stroker that Ray had built. I sold the stock motor for 1400 shipped and installed my stroker. Purchased a PMP turbo kit from a member and a FMIC along with a dual pump fuel system. Installed all of the stuff and had a friend install me an AEM ( Armond Lemmon) he also helped out with numerous other electronics on the car.

Added 680 injectors, WB 02 and some cheap gauges. Drove it for awhile until I could get it tuned. Ray told me to send it to NY but I opted for Top Speed. They totally ruined my stroker so it was back to ray for a rebuild. Ray rebuilt the engine and I took the car to forged performance to have it tuned next. The car spun a bearing on the dyno so now it was back to Ray for another rebuild.

Still trying to save money I gave top speed another try and this time the car was tuned to 525 AWHP at 22psi and meth. Drove it back home and I could feel the bearings knocking in the gas pedal. So I finally had enough and called Ray to see if he would take on the project for me. I have sense installed a BC stroker kit with a Billet Crankshaft, coated King bearings and GTX 3076R turbos... :o) just added BC/Pampena Adjustable Cam Gears..

He agreed and now the car is like new and making 656 on 93.
1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 (Red / black top)


BC billet stroker Kit ( built by Me)
(Killian's)Ported/polished heads w 1mm OS I/E Valves
VMS 10.2mm wires
NGK BCP7E splugs
Rays Head lift fix
BC high rev springs/titanium keepers
3SX 264/272 cams
Custom Rear Header fabed by A friend (Black Water MS AKA Larry K) Tial external WG'S/ open dumps
Garrett GTX3076 turbos with v bands
Coolingmist meth kit with pillar mounted smart controller
(Killians)Ported/polished upper and lower plenums
Custom Pampena MS V banded down pipe with 4 inch single shot exhaust
Treadstone 4.5inch IC running stock fans
PMS custom IC pipes
Killer Glass upper rad hose
Spec 3 plus clutch w stock flywheel
AFI 1680cc injectors
chrome pampena MS spark plug cover
Polished DR upper intake With 90MM polished TB
Ohnoo's custom fuel set up with carbon fiber gauge and fuelab pressure regulator
3SX chrome fuel injector cover
3SX lexon timing covers
AWS delete
custom oil cooler set up with 7mm fan
10 -AN black braided oil cooler hoses
Dual fuelab 340 E85 fuel pumps.
too much shit to list...
Katzkins two tone red and grey seats, Defi center gauges
Innovate WB gauge
Cooling mist progressive Meth controller ( turned off until I can get it tuned)
Alarm Pro alarm system with built in TT timer/ remote starter etc.
HKS boost controller(EVC)
red and grey leather wrapped steering wheel, AEM EMS V2
Viper hood with functional vents.
Lat42 converted HID lights
3SX 1Gen 99 look bumper
Custom chili Red Paint
Clarion NX702 DVD entertainment system.
Custom fiberglassed 10 sub with 1000 watt audiopile amp, hertz component speakers in da front, infinity in da back
ACPT Carbon fiber drive shaft, billet TC, SCE OBX LSD, Karmex built Tranny, Tein springs with OEM struts/shocks
355MM WW BBK, Adco front sway bar Rear strut brace.
BF Billet TC
Wheel and Tire
Wedsport SA60 mat black finish sitting on some cheap ling long tires ( yeah I said it) Ling long ZR rated tires.. hahaha



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