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3000 GT VR4
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Well it's a very unique story. Back in 2004, I wanted to get back into the import scene. I used to own a 93 Eagle Talon AWD Tsi and I enjoyed that heck out of it. So I figure it being years since I had the enjoyment of a turbo car. So the journey began. In which I originally planned on getting another Talon/Eclipse so I happen to come across one. Well, after a few email I found me a 98 Mits Eclipse GSX, so the deal was set. But on the day I was gonna meet the guy, he told me the car was in Tampa, FL. So, I'm like WTF. He was like it's in storage so I told him cool, I'll get back with you, but I never did. Now, with a pocket full of cash and no car I was piss. However, doing the process I actually came across my VR4 on autotrader while looking for the Eclispe. I always heard of the sleath but never the VR4. So, I went back to the autotrader and the VR4 I was looking at was gone. Dammmm. Well about 3 day later, I happen to pick up a local car sale paper. This ad catch my eye, it's listed 91 Mits VR4 w/ 62k miles, red. Well I call the guy and for some reason I felt it was the one I was looking at earlier. Well I went to the local dealer and sure enough it was the VR4 I was looking at. I was like DAM. I ask the guy when and where did he get it, but b4 he could say I said, u dont happen to get it out of Louisiana. He was like yes, my guy pick it up at a auction. I ask him if I could read back the Vin from the info I had he said yes, sure enough it was the same car. Plus, i remember it had Lake Charles, LA on the back. I couldn't believe, I was like man that's the same car I was looking at. Talk about destiny, my car found me. I remember in a movie when the guy said, a man dont choice a car, the car choices the man. So, I told the dealer, that I'll give him 8k right now, he was like Hell yeah, Dude should've got 4/5 more for the condition it was in. The car was dam near perfect. So, after getting I had the 60k maintenance done and drove her for 8 months that's when I some ask me if I mod it yet, I was like no. So, my buddy introduce me to a dude name Glen. Glen own local import performance shop. He use to have Sleath & eclispe. So, he did my first mod. BPU. Added 15g, DSMIC, 550 inj, ATR full exhaust, SAFC, Autometer Boost Gauge, A/F guage & HKS Dual CAI. It was set. Then after a year, I went to MIR and ran a 12.55 @ 115 then on the second run, BAMMM though a two rod. That's when I took her to 3sx(back when IPO) was there. Did a few upgrade. Then went back 1 /1/2 later and got thier TDO5 set up. I was the thier first custom with that. Then about 2 yrs later went back and got their Big Baller Turbo and a few other goodies. So, for the past 9 yrs I've being though alot but if I had to do it all over again i wouldnt change one thing. Well Thanks for checking out my baby.
1991 Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4 (Red)


3SX Custom TDO5 Header w/ Terminators TCBB / AEM Meth Inj Kit / ETS 4" FMIC / Delphi 1000cc injectors / AEM EMS / Custom 3" Intercoolers Piping Kit / Custom 3" Turbo Piping inlet w/k&n Filter / MSD 8.5 wires / Greddy Profec II / Greddy Turbo Timer / 3SX Custom Dual Fuel Pump Kit / / Fidanez Flywheel / 3sx Pulley / Spec 3+ Clutch / HKS Twin Ignition / Turbo Smart Race BOV - Race Port / 3SX Stage 3 Ported and Polished Heads w/ Wiseco Pistons (92.5) / 3SX Custom Rods / Brian Crower Cams BC Camshafts / 3rd Gen Lifters / 3SX Motor Mounts / EGR Blockoff Plates / 3SX Oil Cooler Kit / Generic Catch Can / 3SX Fuel Rail Adapter Kit w/loop / New Stock Mistu Gen2 Crank w/STD Bearing / PST 2 Piece CFDS / 3SX SS TraxCase Uni / ATR Dual Exhaust System / 3SX SS Downpipe W/ Random Tech 3" Ultra-High-Flow Cats.
AEM Boost, Oil & AEM A/F 52mm Gauge w/ O2 6in1 / 3sx HP Short Shifter
3sx 1st Gen 99 Bumper w/ 99 Style Kaze Lip / Lat 42 Custom HID Flip Up Projector Headlights / 98 Hoop Scoop Wing / 3sx Stinger Hood.
Pioneer Head Unit (DEH-X8500BH) w/ Polk Audio - 6 1/2" Coaxial Speakers with Poly-Mica Cones & Polk Audio - 6" x 9" 3-Way Coaxial Loudspeakers with Poly-Mica Cones.
Amp soon to be installed.
Tein "H" springs / 3SX TT Control Arm Chamber
Wheel and Tire
Chrome 18" Saleen Rims / Nitto R555 Extreme 265/35/18



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