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3000 GT VR-4
all of them
I don't play well with others and I'm likely to smash your skull open with a spanner if looked at wrong, yeah F.U too I'm an old man and I don't like to play bs. I don't go to gatherings, meets or any other stupid crap because frankly I don't hang around scum bags, I hang out with a few from NY and whatnot, but the rest, nah, most of them deserve an ass whooping or worse, too many damn snubby kids around, If you don't like me, wish I could say the feeling was mutual but I have no feelings so hey, it makes no difference to me one bit.

I'm a graduate of IIOT, A military veteran and a scientist. I got a very nasty temper to the point of being absolutely violent, very dangerous.

This is not my first 3s, I had a 3000GT VR4 back in 1992, bought brand new from showroom, I put in things on that car that weren't even thought of back then, many firsts, including quite possibly the first FMIC, you heard right 1992, before most of the punk asses of today were even born, it was a nice car I got forced into getting rid of it, I spent the next decade or so championing my white on white 94 toyota supra all over the place, appeared on magazines, built 2 240SX track only cars, then set out to return to mitsubishi so back in 2003 I got myself into a 98 GSX eclipse. Unfortunately the mod bug caught up to me again and I was left with a very fast, non streetable car.

Next came my god awful divorce in 2007, I ended up with nothing, had to sell off my supra and my 240, then had to part out my eclipse, for the remainder of 08' I was left driving, unhappily I might add, a very slow depressing pontiac Grand Am. Around this time I relocated from California to NY and immediately found this car in very neglected form, rat nests, garbage dump in car, different color body panels, riced out neon under glows, tiny 16" wheels, Honda type r shift knob...

All in all I'm happy with the way I have done this car, so even if all these people shun its all black look, car started out as a non running madmax type shell, through serious dedication it has been brought back to form by me. I have wrenched away at the body of this car and have replaced a lot of things in my spare time, eventually taking it to Ray Pampena to tune it, has been surprising every other piece of excrement that crosses my path and I'm proud of it, my plan has always been to make it fun but keeping it driveable and somewhat comfortable, don't give a crap if you like or not, but if you touch it I'll make you squeal like a pig.

I live in sunny california, away from big cities now, I'm an avid gun collector and a jiu jitsu practitioner.
1993 Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR-4 (black)


AEM alcohol injection
19T billet turbos-SAFC2-HKS EVC 6-CXracing fmic-Darkside exhaust(kelvinturbo original)-GM 3.5maf-MAFTranslator-precision 550CC inj-competition 5 clutch-5Zigen Fn01rC hotversion 18x9.5-general exclaim UHP 265/35/18-Robomod lights-6000k hid-aws delete-Aeromotive stealth pump 340lph
new OEM motor mounts
New oem radiator
speed daddy 14" dual fans and shroud
8" 3 speed oil cooler fan
full re-upholstered interior, original color
Nero tenebre lamborghini paint
full limo tint
DDM tunning 6000K HID
ROBOMOD lights
DDM tunning 4000K yellow fogs
Clear turn signals
HID reverse lights
97 front end conversion
hyper bright bulbs in all tails
Vifa 2" midrange thumpers in dash
audiobahn 500w/300w rms component speakers front and rear
Kicker titanium 12" (will thump you in places you never thought you had)
Alpine PDX/M12 1800w mono and dual amp
Crunch 400W rms mono amp for MTX
soundstream nav/sat/dvd Head unit
TV receiver
HD radio
Tein springs
new struts
poly ball joints
ECS deleted
adjustable rear control arms
Wheel and Tire
General exclaim UHP rubber 265/35/18
5zigen fn01rc-hotversion 18x9.5 (pics soon)



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