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Stealth TT
Perl Yellow ... for now
Mikes Hard
Well Ive loved cars all my life. My first car was a 92 BMW 525i, it was my sisters and it was a pos, but still hella fun. Then I decided to get a project car with help from my dad. I wanted a Stealth but we couldnt afford it. We ended up getting a 67 Dodge Dart with a 318 V8. And started restoring it. Chevy Silverado + drunk driver ruined that for me.

Later, I tried to get a 3S again, couldnt afford it. I got a 96 Firebird 3.8L V6. Started to mod it. Got rid of it because it was an Automatic. I tried to get a Stealth again, somehow I ended up with a 99 Prelude, 2.2L I4, Modded it too.

I went to college for automotive technologies, couldnt finish due to economy and bills. A year later, I got a really good job and said f**k it. Im getting a damn Stealth. Tried for 2 years, to get a 2nd gen. Wanted a 94 the most because I thought AWS was like the Prelude AWS. Boy was I wrong.

Funny, I got kinda picked on for wanting a 3S. Everyone, except my best friend, told me to move on and Ill never get one. Eventually I lost my integrity for getting an AWD 3S decided any 3S is better than none. Started to look for all kinds of 3S and all year models.

Suddenly This stealth pooped up. The guy was listing it on Craigslist for $8500 but he found out he owed $1400 on taxes, so he put it up on Ebay and dropped the price to $5800. Then I found the Craigslist add. Looked at it, fell in love. I was $2500 short, but I pawned the tittle to my Prelude the next day. There was no way in hell I was going to let an Ebay douche take MY Stealth. Two days later. It was mine. Sold my Lude four days later.
Smooth as silk.

It had 125k miles. It was dirty as hell. The alternator and battery were bad, the tranny and the valve steam seals leaked, the front steering rack was shot, and the carrier bearings were not so good. And it needed a tune up. Currently all that is fixed ;) except for the valve stem seals.
1994 Dodge Stealth TT (Perl Yellow ... for now)


Came with car:

a LOT of dirt.

My touch:

- 4 cans of cleaner... its hopeless.
- Mitsu 110 Amp Alternator .. $85.. stock was 90amp
- 3SX Light Weight Crank Pulley.. $120.. stock 6.7lbs/ 3SX 1.7lbs
- Fidanza Adjustable Cam Gears.. $375.. stock 6.1 ozs/ Fidanza 4.5 ozs and their adjustable
- Goodyear Gatorback Belts.. $60... stock sucked. nuff said.
- SPEC Stage 2 Clutch.. $435 .. kevlar disk, sprung hub, 561 ft/lb capacity
- Fidanza 12lb Flywheel.. $390.. stock was 23lbs
- K&N Open Air Filter .. $200 ... better than an air box. And I can hear my BOV.
- Various Powdercoating and Dress Up .. $500 ... looks a hell of a lot better than stock
- 99 3kGT Lifters (3mm bore).. $150 ... stock had less than 1mm bore
A ripped drivers seat...
Came with car:


My touch:

- I got a 99 bumper I havent put on yet.

Plan on relocating the fuel door, similar to Cianci's kit. And getting a Victory hood.
Came with car:

- Head Unit is a Power Acoustik PTID 4005 DVD/CD/MP3 and MP4 player
- All four speakers are Power Acoustik also. Fronts like 250W and the rear ones are 450W I believe.

My touch:

- Kenwood Amp, 200W.. $30
- Sony Xplod Sub, 1100W $20 ... Get over it DuTTch :P
Came with car:

nothing I would mention. lol

My Touch:

- Tien S Tech Springs (1.5" drop) .. $125... S Techs are better for going fast. nuff said.
Wheel and Tire
Came with car:

- Wheels are 18" Touren TR5's with 245/40 Nexen tires. aka el' cheapo crap.



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