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Stealth RT TT
Purchased the car about 8 years ago from the second owner in chicago who was transmission specialist....he kept the car well, and the stock coutch was taken care off, and last until 97000 miles....until i upgraded it, the transmission is as light as butter.

Since then i had slowly restored the car, upgraded visually, and mechanically until the point where i would want her to be. 410 awhp as solid as a rock with little to no known issues
1993 Dodge Stealth RT TT (Red)


New bearings installed
New Carrier bearings
New Engine Mounts
New 19t hl turbos
New IPS no Maft intake td04
New manual BOV grimspeed
New bigger oilcooler from ohnoo (notsure)
New AEM duo Filters
Used in excellent condition Ohnoo dual core frontmount intercooler
New Mitsutomo radiator
Refurbished alternator
Refurbished AC compressor
New accessory belt
Recently new lightweight harmonic balancer 3sx aluminum
60k service done at 20,000 miles ago
New stage 3 clutch, lightweight IPS flywheel
New seals
New spark coils
New spark plugs
750cc injector pce
3rd gen lifter
New clutch slave cylinder
New AEM EMS version 2 (tuned by Ray Pampena)
Stilen downpipe catless
New IPS 3rd gen quadtip catback
Everything stocks beside the two front seats were done by me replacing the leathers
Red, origrinal color, been scratched and aging, the front end was converted to 99 front end by a professional bodyshop with all brand new OEM mitsubishi parts from IPS, thanks Jeff. Recently was brought to a professional bodyshop for touch up, blending of color to look like new again.

Brand new ECS struts and Tein lowering springs ( thanks Mike IPS) were installed about 5000 miles ago

New wheels, Shumitomo tires were replaced 5000 miles ago
Everything stock again, i love the original EQ and amplifier, upgraded infinity speakers all around, except tweeters, 10" kicker subwoofer in the back with kicker amplifier, sounds amazing even if compare to newer vehicle
New both front cv axles, new 4 rotors, and break pads.
New OEM ecs struts
New Teins lowering springs
Wheel and Tire
New srt 17x9 wheels
New Shumitomo tires
New cnc customized adapting rings for the wheels to reduce vibrations, and a piece of mind



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