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General Information

3000gt vr4
Sandstone grey metallic
Bought this car 3 years ago to save it from the previous owner who was slowly ricing it out. Had a fair starting point for mods and was pretty clean over all. This is the 5 or 6th vr4 i have own that i was going to fix up and drive. Sandstone was always one of my unicorn colors so this was the car that was going to get special attention. As anyone that has been here awhile might remember a shop burned me on a 20k+ dollar build so all the work is now done by myself with help from adam bonini who is also a member. This can be slow going but the reward is that much better.

When i first got the car it was set up with greedy 13g and a bunch of random bolt ons and was making roughly 375 awhp. My first winter of ownership saw this happen

On stock motor ended up pushing 485/550 at rays shop on a chrome ecu.

Over the next winter (2015) boostmore hooked me up with a pair of 19ts to try out. So that spawned this thread.

Exact same engine and other major componets. Only major change was i ditched the chrome for an aem series 2

Ended up making 570/585. Could have gone farthe but for a stock block motor thats as hard as i really wanted to push it.

So now over the 2015 winter for the season this year i picked up a set of dnp manifolds and a set of garrett gt3076r td05 turbos and bolted them up


With this going in i cleaned up alot of other problems also
Ceramic coated all the subframe and control arms, everything got new bushings and new hardware, steering rack was refurbed and alot of unneeded stuff was removed


With the bay cleaned up and the engine installed next came some outside clean up.


Added a 3s specfic arp gt500 cf wing, retrospec side and front splitters, cleaned up the 20yr old cf hood and resprayed the rear window trim.

This is how the car currently sits. It is in the middle of shake down and tuning. Its currently running at wastegate pressure 10.5 psi durning engine break in before we tune for 28-30 psi. Shooting for 800 to the wheels on this setup.

Thanks for looking

Thanks and shout to
Adam Bonini at bonini performance
Hanz at 3swharehouse
Chris at ninjaperformance
Paulo at retrospec
1992 Mitsubishi 3000gt vr4 (Sandstone grey metallic)


3.1 engine -pauter rods -ross pistons -forged crank.
Built stage 3 heads - ti valve retainers and springs
Dnp td05 manifolds, garrett gt3076r turbos, dual tial external wg, cxr front mount, hks dli, 3sx fuel rails with full custom fuel lines and filter, 3sx rad with mishimoto shroud and fans, mishimoto rad hoses, nbf motor mount plate, maximal solid mounts, relocated alt, relocket small battery, custom grounding kit. 3sx down pipe, jic spartan exhaust
Defi stepmaster series boost, oil pressure, coolant temp, fuel pressure gauges
Lc1 wideband
Cf a pillers
Grey interior and seats

Comeing soon
Retrospec cf interior parts
Iq3 racepac
Original paint
Rota p45r in 18x9.5 in hyper black
Retrospec side splitters
Retrospec front splitter
Arp gt500 wing
Cf hood
Clear turns
99 rear garnish

Coming soon
Retrospec 99 cf sails
Retrospec rear splitter
Retrospec cf snakeeye delete
Entertainment on this car is the petal on the right and the sweet song of my people from under the hood
Megan racing coilovers, all new poly bushings thru car
Wheel and Tire
Rota p45r 18x9.5 toyo r888 in 245/40/r18



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