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General Information

Red with Black SS Stripes
Ls5 White Interior Turbo 400 4.11 gears
Well had 10k miles put on it in its first two years of life as a driver. Then was stored and kept up with only 10k more till the mid 80's which then was dragraced for about ten years very seldomly raced though after that ran on street and eventually got up to its 32k. mile mark where I then bought it and began to clean it up heads needed freshened so I took out original motor and put my 92 style 468 in it which I had for a race car lying around mild cam aluminum heads aluminum intake e85 carburetor which I built myself keeping all options still on car in workibg conditions still. Drag raced it a bit keeping timing backed off to save Axles and rear end. Ran 7.26 eighth mile qnd 10.89 1/4 which was due to timing. Motor maxe 704 hp at flywheel with 756 ft/lb torque. Now I decided to put original motor in it and just cruise it by no means is this a show car only I'll continue to street and strip it
1971 Chevrolet Chevelle (Red with Black SS Stripes)


Wheel and Tire
Weld drag lites with 15x12 in rear and 15x6 in fronts wrapped in Hoosier quick time pro in rear with Nankang


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