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This is my beautiful 1997 mitsubishi 3000GT SL. She is Panama green pearl in immaculate condition. So bleassed to find such a lovely lady! I will love her, and kiss her, and hold her, and squeeze her, and call her Jade!
Family heirloom - Sat for 18 years after my grandfather passed away
Here is my pride and joy very clean mostly stock 1991 3000gt VR4
Nobody seems to identify this car in traffic so feast your eyes on my SL!
Motor cam out of my SL after I blew my original motor
This is basically so I can look back on how I got it and what Iv done to it
1995 3000GT VR4 spyder with 5400 miles
Rebuilt and upgraded 1992 Dodge Stealth R/T Twin Turbo, done with consideration and time, respecting the original look and feel, while upgrading performance to modern standards
Full engine rebuild using engine coatings such as ceramics and dry film lubricants and vapor blasting Videos on YouTube
Recently (September 10 2021) I acquired a 95 dodge stealth, yesterday i officially finished the engine rebuild all the way through.
Lowered on BC racing coilovers but still need fenders rolled to go lower.
Met up to do some part swapping a few months back, this should be the new cover photo
Bought in 2019 with 38,500 miles - all original.
New ESR 18x8.5” wheels with sky blue calipers (not visible in this angle) Wheel gap delete coming soon 👀
When it looked its best
1997 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL
yes they are for sale
The joys of owning a Mitsubishi