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  1. A NEW front bumper for 1gs!

    Latitude 42 Motorsports
    Bumper looks fantastic! Should have come from the factory like that IMO.
  2. Window Adjustment?

    Uploaded with
  3. Window Adjustment?

    Fixed as in the initial problem. There are two, bolts it guess you'd call them (it's a nut with a hex slotted screw), on the upper rear corner of the door. I rolled the window down, loosened up the nuts and turned the screw outward (clockwise) until they lined up with the top of the nuts...
  4. Window Adjustment?

    I just fixed mine the other day. What do you mean it goes too far up? Over the nubs (I still don't know what they're called) like mine were?
  5. New IPS Quad-tip Pics

    IPS Motorsports
    Any chance of that underside shot? I know you have lots of lifts Jeff. Also, what's up with the muffler on the driver side? The inner side of it looks like it hangs low. And is there one on the passenger side as well?
  6. Stealth xRT/sTT project has begun

    3Si New England Chapter
    Any updates?
  7. 599 Racing front clip painted.

    Cianci USA
    Looks good. An shots from further away?
  8. N/A Guys vs. VR4/TT Guys

    In the process (nine months so far) of trying to sell my NA to get a VR4. I love my car but a VR4 takes everything I love about it and makes it better.
  9. CIANCI USA Wishes to apologize to 3si and wishes to responsor this site.

    Seller/Buyer Ratings
    I may not know the whole story but there are a few companies that have fallen on hard times and been welcomed back into the community. I would personally love to see what they have planned for the platform. And yes they're making a wide body kit and they did ask for opinions from customers when...
  10. Tanabe Medallion Touring Exhaust Special for VR4!!!

    MVP Motorsports
    Sound clip? I don't know if anyone has ever posted one.
  11. Window Adjustment?

  12. Window Adjustment?

    Is there any way to adjust the angle of the window when it is up? I know there are nubs on the roof by the weather strip that holds the window in place while it is up but when I roll my window up it goes to the outside of it a leaves a significant gap.
  13. New IPS Quad-tip Pics

    IPS Motorsports
  14. My DR1400DBB daily driver build

    Engine - Turbo
    All that stuff and you plan on DDing this som bitch. One word......insane.
  15. who has numbers for DR750s with more than just stock stuff?

    Matt did dyno these on his 3.5 before putting it on the stock 3.0 but the turbos were choking off the motor and it actually make less power.
  16. Billet DR1400's anybody?

    Dynamic Racing
    Re: Billet DR1300's anybody? Mother of God!
  17. Red Spyder in the works!

    I believe it's IPS. They're in Ohio, near Columbus.
  18. IPS Parts Fabrication Updates

    IPS Motorsports
    Dual-tip looks a little like the Tanable Touring Medallion (my favorite exhaust). Looks like I have something else to look into. :)
  19. 95 TT 6000.00 during winter

    Cars For Sale
    For God's sake why can't I get my car sold. I would be at your house tomorrow.
  20. What are you guys thinking?!

    I also think that with all the other body work something should be done about the hood. It just looks so....untouched compared to the rest of the car.
1-20 of 173 Results