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    Looks good
  2. Another Engine Swap - LS style

    My guess is you gain 15% of the horsepower lost due to the increased air density. Your ET and trap speed with the Wallace calc is right around 1000hp. That is with zero baro comp or correction for the altitude. The relative air density at the track today was about 8,500 ft. The correction...
  3. Another Engine Swap - LS style

    Was dialed in pretty good today at Bandimere Speedway. 8.87 @ 157mph and 8.84 @ 157mph. Here's some video.
  4. EVO Rear brake caliper in place of stock 2G Rear.

    Evo CT9A chassis front brake kits can be installed directly to any generation of 3/S using a simple wheel adapter. The whole ordeal involving changing out the front knuckles, ball joints and realigning the car can be avoided by simply fitting the adapter and installing longer lug bolts. Search...
  5. welcome to 3si

    Welcome to 3SI
    Owner, OG
1-5 of 5 Results