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  1. 97-98 Fog Lights

    Parts for Sale
    Is the left side with broken glass just dirty or is the paint wiped off?
  2. HKS HipermaxIV Coilovers SCE adapters & camber plates

    Parts for Sale
    How did they ride compared to stock, can you compare it to non ecs ride quality? Do these allow for a stock ride height/ lowered or is the stiffness the only adjustment? Are they user rebuildable if required? Trying to decide if I should get these or stick to stock options. Thanks
  3. 3000GT (VR4) Parts for sale

    Parts for Sale
    Payment sent for ebrake
  4. 3000GT (VR4) Parts for sale

    Parts for Sale
    So that’s $75 shipped for the new ebrake handle? I’ll take it, what’s your PayPal ?
  5. Fan Operating Temps

    Engine - Turbo
    I have a similar temp spike with two of my cars both with mishimoto rads when up to temp and idling for 5 -8 mins or so. The fans bring the temp down but I dont like how high it gets on the gauge. The rads work great and both are fine at idle if the AC is on since both fans always run. I live in...
  6. Window tint quote

    I removed 10 year old tent with easy using a hand held steamer $ 15 from walmart, took time to get it started but once the edge came up it was easy to steam and peel the back glass. Sides wear easier. I used alcohol and a few other glass cleaners for the left over glue. Probably took an hour or...
  7. A/C Squealing

    New Owner Questions
    I'm not sure how common the belt rubbing the covers is, neither of mine do that. It could lead to a early worn/ broken belt when least expected. If the squeal happens no matter how tight the belt is then its probably the compressor clutch not engaging correctly. To narrow it you can run 12v to...
  8. Advice on double din HU

    Audio/Video Systems
    Im using a ATOTO A6 Pro A6Y2721PRB, android radio. Seems to be doing well so far. Still working on getting it to fit the factory trim ring without a gap but other than that it does alot for a decent price.
  9. Spark plugs for SL-turbo?

    Engine - Turbo
    This link may help.
  10. Spark plugs for SL-turbo?

    Engine - Turbo
    I use NGK BP7ES copper for both my SL TT and VR4, works well and are relatively cheap
  11. No Core SCE Torsen AWD-Center Limited Slip Differential Pauter Rods 550cc Injectors

    Parts for Sale
    Ah ok, makes sense. So what is lightly used, I know it’s a lifetime warranty but any track time on it ? How many miles?
  12. A/C Clutch Replacement?

    There's plenty of clearance to pull the clutch in the car. I think Marshall maybe talking about the clearance from the clutch to the clutch spindle itself, I pulled mine and there were a few washers. I removed one washer and it was to tight and touched occasionally since the surface wasn't flat...
  13. 3sx 2nd gen shorty downpipe & 3sx front pre-cat delete

    Parts for Sale
    If you would take $250 shipped for the 2 gen DP let me know.
  14. no dash lights??

    I don't remember if all my lights acted the way yours do but when I messed with the connections on the driver side kick panel console area apparently I didn't reconnect one. My auto climate and gauge lights would work but would turn off if the headlights were switched on. It killed my cigarette...
  15. Power Antenna Issue

    Audio/Video Systems
    Link didn't work for me but I guess this is what you're looking for.
  16. how do i get more horsepower

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome to the forum. There's a search feature that's useful for finding old threads in the upper left corner. As far as your question, there's a few options to upgrade an NA but here's something to get you started.
  17. Apexi SAFC-2

    Parts for Sale
    Wow! That's a great deal seeing how the boomslang alone costs double that new. GLWS
  18. Coolant Drain - Access to Radiator Drain Plug

    Engine - Turbo
    If you still have your plastic tube that shoots coolant down through the undercover then you should be able snake you hand through the hole where the opening for the tow hook is and open the valve without making a mess. Careful if its been running it can get HOT in that small space. If its...
1-20 of 456 Results