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  1. Kevlar Timing Belt Noise

    Engine - Turbo
    The belt (and maybe more) seems to shift to the right hand side of the screen in time with the noise. I stood in front of mine countless times listening for noises... watching for any clues... I seriously don't think that's just the belt material at fault in your situation. Unless maybe an...
  2. Too much RTV on oil pan. Leave or redo?

    Engine - Turbo
    I over used rtv on a different vehicle and redid it thinking better to re-do it than have potential problems later caused by such a simple thing. My vote is obviously to re-do it. Up to you but would wonder what damage extra RTV could do if left on the inside? so is it worth it to leave it...
  3. film on the inside of windsheild. from defroster vent??

    Engine - Non-Turbo
    The only thing that stopped the film from coming back on mine was hot water, almost too hot too touch on fresh out of the bag towels (no fabric softner or detergent reside on the rags). I "rinsed" off the entire dash top area by dipping fresh rags into the hottest water, wiping off whatever...
  4. Looking for previous owner - ok to post name?

    Since so many people sell their cars & regret it, is it OK to post a first & last name in a thread title like "ISO FName LName" & ask for a PM if they are the one? I've cleaned out the car & found a very old car insurance card showing a first & last name but not much else. no phone, no...
  5. Going back and forth on whether to keep it or move on...

    I'd sell it, regret it, buy another one in a year or 2 and start all over with a brand new set of issues and things to spend money on for no real reason again like so many others. The reasons, although perhaps not real, are really compelling. ^helpful? Maybe try not touching or looking at it...
  6. Free carfax for fellow members v2

    Hey Stealthify you're quick! Thanks so much for the report. Was hoping to see the buyer did a registration/title transfer but IF they did it's not showing (been about 2-3 weeks since sold). I was afraid to take my kid's insurance off the car even though the kid did do a sellers report of sale...
  7. Free carfax for fellow members v2

    I did put in a form request even though it's been a while since I've been active - life, ugh. Appreciate the report when you do get to it ~ thank you!
  8. Weird thump in the left rear when under power or going up hill.

    You can use the process of elimination by jacking up the rear end & attempting to move each rear tire one at a time of course. Listen/feel for noises & the amount of 'play' between the two rear wheels. Just grab ahold of the tire one hand on the top, one on the bottom, shake/wiggle, push in at...
  9. Thanks for an interesting decade

    I, too, am sorry the fight is oh so hard. Anything worth having is worth fighting for yet sometimes it's just overwhelmingly exhausting - not just physically but mentally, too. They say to never stop fighting & agreed, but some times it's good to take a breather to come back stronger than...
  10. $100 to babysit for me while my kids sleep in motel?

    Las Vegas
    You may want to contact Circus Circus on the phone (or search their website) to see if they offer short-term care for youngins for just such a situation. I'd love to volunteer & have a somewhat decent excuse to run away for a weekend, but it was hard enough for me to leave LAST time, I don't...
  11. For shmoo - timing tensioner tool

    Weird, they're working fine here now, too... some sort of api error before *shrugs* Hopefully they'll help Shmoo! :)
  12. For shmoo - timing tensioner tool

    Ah thanks got too focused on the 'red handle' in the rockauto Timing Belt Installation Tool category . A lot of people forget they have tools too not just parts - like me. BTW, your links don't work "Parameter 'out' is required." message in browser.
  13. For shmoo - timing tensioner tool

    Hey for some reason I couldn't reply in the original post here: --------------------------- anyone have an old red handled one? if not, what do you have? or, does anyone know where i can buy the old red handled one new...
  14. My 1992 3000GT VR-4 Rebuild.

    :qgiggity: It's all cake pieces from here ;) Biggest ever CONGRATULATIONS!
  15. My 1992 3000GT VR-4 Rebuild.

    Yet another reason I enjoy this thread endlessly :) So many ideas, such a damn good job you're doing. I remember when my house was being built and picking all the colors, carpet, bathroom counters, flooring, skylight or no, door here or there, outlets, etc. etc. etc. eventually all the...
  16. My 1992 3000GT VR-4 Rebuild.

    Well where is it least likely to 1. be in the way? 2. get damaged by A) water/any fluids leaking on to it B) tools bumping it while doing other things C) any thing that voltage may run through/ jumper cables, poorly insulated _anything_ or magnetic anything? D) other? And be most likely...
  17. Weekend with my car

    Tires,Wheels, Brakes & Suspension
    after you hit 5,000 posts perhaps? ;)
  18. A little forum use help with photos please?

    I'm trying to share some pics of a broken bolt situation, and uploaded them, but not sure how to link to them or share them with others that I'd like to talk with about the situation... Testing here if I may please see if the link to them works? Much thanks for patience with me :) or...
  19. 91 VR4 Restoration

    First time in 5 years? Whew! Hope you make a video of it. Your face is going to be so sore from smiling ;) Congratulations
  20. World first!

    ^this. and I don't think I've ever used the f-word on a forum totally spelled out & everything, like ever. wow. but $8k? on STOPPING!?! Cheers, in every sense of the word. For all the speeding up we do, this seems like the first time that much or even close to it has been spent on slowing down...
1-20 of 477 Results