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  1. Where to find this bushing, Awd Rear Trailing Arm Bushing?

    New Owner Questions
    Yes cherry hill. Also ninja performance has them and the hardware. Everything for that is pricy relative to what it is, plan on getting the hardware. They seem too always fight hard coming out and need to be creatively cut out
  2. Is anyone rebuilding ECU? Or should I just get AEM.

    Engine - Turbo
    I don't know what things cost these days like the AEM. but I have had my ECU rebuilt 4? years ago by Rebuilt ECM & TCMs w/ 5 yr warranty - 800 241 6689 as well as my ECS controller last year. Both continue to work, ECU rebuilds are $195, and you can optionally extend the warranty to 5...
  3. New A/C compressor recommendations

    Engine - Turbo
    IDK it claims to fit, its new and comes with a reviever drier and expansion valve and oil and orings. if the pics are to be believed. that's cool. maybe not necessary to replace but nice. this is the rebuild I got note it is cheaper but reman and not extra stuff...
  4. New A/C compressor recommendations

    Engine - Turbo
    I had to get one 2 years ago, it was a rebuilt through oreillys as it was the only place I could get one from ANYWHERE I could find at the time. and the high pressure relief valve failed within a couple months, because I think they only do the bare minimum of rebuild and I bet that part was...
  5. Need some opinions

    just put me in touch with stealth seller.
  6. 1992 Stealth RT/TT AWD; $3500; Chico, CA 95973; 135K Emerald Green

    Cars For Sale
    Good luck on the sale, I'm a little interested in ecs struts, should you go that way
  7. 92 TT ac valve MB 630404 needed but discontinued

    Cool then that's what you need. Part number is still good and it's like 6 bucks
  8. 92 TT ac valve MB 630404 needed but discontinued

    I was in the same boat as you a couple years ago. I found this threaded. and added to it. hopefully those part numbers are still correct. and we are talking high pressure relief valve on compressor right?
  9. VR4 back n the road, Flash ECU and other stuff

    Advanced Technical Discussions
    that all sounds awesome! will the color change?
  10. STEALTH reproduction keys feeler

    Parts for Sale
    I am glad that it worked out! no I don't have a 3000gt to work from. and I don't know enough about 3d printing to make a base to pull a mold from. my route would be to hand carve, but I cant pull that off. Toni has them though, I honestly don't think they came from factory saying 3000gt?? I...
  11. STEALTH reproduction keys feeler

    Parts for Sale
    well ok, if anyone would like to try mine. the sale is open, but I wont be hoodwinking anyone. there are two options. mine and toni's I will open this up to orders, and update the first post with the details.
  12. STEALTH reproduction keys feeler

    Parts for Sale
    well shoot folks. I'm not looking to get in anyone's way. Like I mentioned his are likely better quality, this was my first casting go around. So I think for the time being, go to the established act. This was about filling a void not making money, and someone is already there. no worries :)
  13. STEALTH reproduction keys feeler

    Parts for Sale
    The 3000 keys the only ones that I am aware of say, Mitsubishi on them. And those you can get all over. EBay, 3Sx, I bet even the dealer. That was the typical mitsu key for a while. Beyond that I don't know of any.
  14. STEALTH reproduction keys feeler

    Parts for Sale
    so far then I am not seeing objection from the community. I have ordered some bubble mailer envelopes and labels. Id like to take like just a couple orders to use as a test. to make sure they get to their destinations fine with the packaging I have. and to see if others feel quality is good...
  15. Can someone help me, hesitating and stalling

    I am not an expert but can just throw some ideas. have you confirmed actual fuel pressure? if its after when warm perhaps a component thought to be good is faulting with heat. injectors/injector driver? has it ever died?
  16. STEALTH reproduction keys feeler

    Parts for Sale
    If he does I wouldn't want to get in his way. This was mostly to get me more keys and I thought it might be the only option currently for others. And if he is still making them l, his might be better quality. As for colors it wouldn't be any harder only I only have black pigment currently...
  17. STEALTH reproduction keys feeler

    Parts for Sale
    STEALTH reproduction KEY's for sale The Sale is on. the specifics $15 a key shipped to 48 states, elsewhere we will have to work it out. they currently only come in black. the pictures posted are the exact keys in question. there is another option for keys which is another member Toni...
  18. Steering wheel do i make em

    Audio/Video Systems
    I just bought one because of this post. I have 92. On their website if you plug uhh dodge stealth you get 91 to 96. So I bet it works for all
  19. All wheel steer alignment Milwaukee Area

    Then I would think any alignment shop could do this if you tell them to pop those off??
1-20 of 245 Results