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  1. rough idle + jumping rpm gauge + check engine light = ?

    Engine - Non-Turbo
    ok i have a 93 stealth es and it has a problem. my car starts for the most part fine at first but as i start driving it keeps spitting and sputtering and at the same time my rpm needle wants to jump around. for the most part if i give it some gas it stops and runs ok for a bit and then the...
  2. fs: first gen steering wheel

    Parts for Sale
    i have a first gen stealth steering wheel for sale. it is only missin the headlight switch and wiper switch and the radio control. if interested pm me. askin $50 for it and will discuss shipping later thanks
  3. parting out my 92 3000gt sl

    Parts for Sale
    i am parting out my 92 3kgt sl. only thing i dont have is the transmission the whole engine interior panels and the ecu. do have misc engine parts and almost everything else. pm me with what you need and i will let you know if i still got it and will take almost any offer made as long as...
  4. 93 sohc no start... help!!!!!!

    Engine - Non-Turbo
    i had similar problems with my 93 dohc. what i found out was i was not gettin any power to my mfi relay so in turn no power to my crank sensor or coil. my problem was a broken wire pin in my connector coming off the fuse box. best thing i can say is check to see if you are gettin power to your...
  5. WTB Drivers side mirror glass

    Parts Wanted
    I have one in pearl white I know you are only looking for the glassa but will sell you the whole mirror for 35 shipped pm me if interested
  6. SOHC pistons in a DOHC?

    Engine - Non-Turbo
    ok well here is what i have done on the first rebuild. i replaced everything and when i say everything i mean everything like new oil pump new crank new bearings rod and main. new seals new water pump new timing belt heads were machined valves reseated. bearings were gauged to make sure of...
  7. SOHC pistons in a DOHC?

    Engine - Non-Turbo
    ok i will try to call mitsubishi. about the oil pump its brand new. this is the second time i have rebuilt the engine. engine had a spun bearin when i bought so i completely stripped it down and replaced everything. think it might be one of two reasons why it spun. when i rebuilt it the first...
  8. SOHC pistons in a DOHC?

    Engine - Non-Turbo
    Wanting to know if they will work. I am in the process of rebuilding my 93 stealth and need to replace the pistons since that is probably the reason I keep spinning a bearing. I have a 01 galant engine sitting around that only has like 50k on it and I am using the crank out of it so wanted to...
  9. 92 3kgt sl parting out

    Parts for Sale
    i have a 92 3000 gt sl that i am parting out. if you need any parts just ask and ill let you know what i got yet. its a DOHC and auto. thanks
  10. 2 91-92 VR4 Part outs have lots of stuff just in

    Parts for Sale
    do you still have the brake calipers? if so how much
  11. seller verification

    Parts for Sale
    requested but still unable to post. dont understand why
  12. over heating only when goin up hill

    Engine - Non-Turbo
    i just rebuilt my 93 stealth dohc engine and just got it started on monday... had the normal over heating problems due to air pockets and now it runs fine except when i go up hill. can drive it all day with out the temp gauge moving but as soon as i have a steep hill to climb my needle starts to...
  13. No Spark!!!!!! Help

    Engine - Non-Turbo
    hey thanks for the reply... i have already checked my timing and put it in time that was one of the first things i did. i am not gettin spark out of any of my coils. have checked each one and still nothing. have also switched out the mfi relay now and have tried checking connectivity on the cam...
  14. No Spark!!!!!! Help

    Engine - Non-Turbo
    i have a 93 dodge stealth es and everything works fine but i have no spark at the coil pack. i have checked every fuse swapped out the coil and power module. have checked all the wires and have replaced the cam and crank pick up sensors. i am right now lost on what else it could be. if someone...
  15. Hello and welcome to 3SI.

    Welcome to 3SI
    hello im dustin from coshocton ohio... been rackin my brain with my both of my 92 :mitsu: 3000gt and :dodge: stealth. just lookin for some insite
1-15 of 15 Results