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  1. Advice on double din HU

    Audio/Video Systems
    Looks like another NEX is what it will be. Now off to find a fascia...
  2. Advice on double din HU

    Audio/Video Systems
    While I have my dash apart repairing the AC computer I figured I would go ahead and put a more modern stereo in the Stealth. The factory two piece unit is in perfect condition, but I'd like to put in a navigation HU that supports USB music (FLAC). I have a Pioneer AVIC-5000NEX in my Montero...
  3. ECU replacement

    New Owner Questions
    Thanks -- just picked up a Chrome ECU. My old one was a bit worse for the wear as it was sitting for a long time with the leaky capacitors. So far so good. She is now stalling out at 3500rpm, but I still need to repair TB sensor cable and clean the MAF which is hopefully the next culprit.
  4. Wanted - 1G VR-4 front bumper cover/lights

    Parts Wanted
    Looking to convert my '91 Stealth TT to a Mitsu VR-4 and looking for VR-4 body parts, namely the front bumper cover, popups, and front marker lights. Preferably white but any color will do. Rear would be great as well, but lower priority ATM.
  5. Throttle sensor connector and pig tail

    Parts Wanted
    Mouse ate through my throttle sensor cable very close to the connector -- too close to effectively repair. Looking for a '91 TT compatible throttle sensor connector with enough cable to splice into my existing harness.
  6. Throttle sensor cable

    New Owner Questions
    New Stealth TT was sitting for some time and a mouse chewed one of the cables coming from the throttle sensor cable. Unfortunately it is severed very close to the connector itself and I can't for the life of me figure out how to eject the connector pins to redo the cable. Thoughts? I would...
  7. ECU replacement

    New Owner Questions
    New Stealth TT owner here. Picked up a low mileage 91' TT with some issues and quickly determined it needs a new ECU. Should I have it repaired or is the Chrome ECU worth the extra bucks? Does the Chrome enable OBDII logging as well? Thanks, Vanroth
  8. welcome to 3si

    Welcome to 3SI
    New Stealth R/T TT owner here. Found a low mileage '91 that needs some slight TLC. First step, new ECU!
1-8 of 8 Results