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  1. Please Help! -- 1995 3000gt NA and I cant get it running right

    Just throwing this out... Does the car still have all the cats? A clogged cat can cause power issues. One other thought, have you checked the timing (cam marks AND crank mark)? Bob. Sorry, I didn't fully read "Fluffy's" post, he mentioned the mechanical timing as well...
  2. My visor droops. Ne1 ever fix this

    Thank You. Just a speculation... You are right, I very rarely move my visors... Bob.
  3. My visor droops. Ne1 ever fix this

    Just wondering where you hail from Striker? Maybe this is a extreme heat related issue? My 92TT sits out all summer long (with the windows closed, and I have not experienced this (oHIo...ugh) Keri is in Phoenix, and I believe Whiskey is down south as well... Bob.
  4. My visor droops. Ne1 ever fix this

    Is it the part where it attaches to the car that is the problem, or is it the plastic holder on the other end (loose)? Bob.
  5. Tribute to the 96 Stealth TT

    Are you bored Mark? Happy Holidays to Jan and you!!! Bob. :)
  6. 3S #1 ET Bounty, 6g vs 4g

    Soooo easy to get your goat! Me jealous, of you? Ha. Oh, and I may not have added much to this post, but I think in my almost 20 years and over 12,000 posts, I've helped a few members here.... Happy Holidays, Bob.
  7. 3SX Downpipe fitment

    Engine - Turbo
    I just checked and it appears that both the Gen1 and Gen2 3SX DP's have swivel flanges on each end (at least that's what the pics show).... I bought a cheap Ebay one for my Stealth and had ZERO issues fitment.... Bob.
  8. CEL, Unsteady cruising, kills itself

    Hrmm, now that I think about it my TT injectors are brownish/orangish.... Bob.
  9. CEL, Unsteady cruising, kills itself

    Thank YOU for that clarification! You would think after being part of the group (and owning 3 of them) for almost 20 years, you would think I might know that.... Appreciate the input... Bob. :)
  10. CEL, Unsteady cruising, kills itself

    I believe the CEL for the crank and cam are "stored", which means they don't clear themselves. If you haven't cleared them, they will probably show up every time you check. Since I don't know your model year, I'm not sure what you can use to clear the CEL... Don't quote me on this, but I...
  11. CEL, Unsteady cruising, kills itself

    FIrst off, I'm pretty sure GREEN injectors are for TT's (you may be adding too much fuel. Secondly, if the CEL is telling you something is amiss with the CAM AND CRANK sensors, have you made sure that they are properly installed (I believe I read about you replaced them)? Bob.

    Parts Wanted
    Don, I was a bit worried sending something like that with any carrier, but I thought I used enough of multiple sizes of bubble wrap to hopefully keep it safe. As I mentioned previously, when I removed it, it worked flawlessly, the only reason for removal was the install of a Kenwood CD/DVD/NAV...
  13. 3S #1 ET Bounty, 6g vs 4g

    Abram has owned several 3s's, but always seems to talk them down and sell them off. Supraboy for a while. Maybe still owns one or 2 (must be tough) Now he's older and more sophistiated. He drives Vette's, Infinity's and Cadillacs. But he still frequents THIS forum to bash the whole platform...
  14. Is AC compressor same on 92 tt and 94 sl?

    Whoops! Thanks Chris! In that case, the Z11A and Z16A have the same part numbers based on year, a 92 would be MR500310, and a 94 would be MR168350 Bob. Guess I should have slept more while I was there....
  15. Is AC compressor same on 92 tt and 94 sl?

    I believe all TT's were Z16A (?) A 1992 TT part # is MR500310 A 1994 TT part # is MR168350 I think an SL is considered a Z15A (?) If so, ASA lists only 1 part number for a Z15A compressor, MR360248 Not sure if that helps or not, but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn last night!!! Bob. :)
  16. Car Cover

    Parts for Sale
    Not sure if I can (or if the new site allows) but if I could I would give you REP just for your helpful demeanor!!!! Bob. :)
  17. Car Cover

    Parts for Sale
    You know what, I'll take it. P.M. me your Paypal addy and full asking price. Bob.
  18. Car Cover

    Parts for Sale
    Hrmmm Looking at the CarCover website, if this is a GOLD shield cover, it should be good for winter. Do you know if it is a gold, silver or bronze model cover? If GOLD, I may reconsider! Bob.
  19. Car Cover

    Parts for Sale
    Thanks for your response and time. I appreciate the testing you did. Based on your tests, and your opinion, I think I'll just keep using the crappy Jeep cover I got for free from my sis in law. It does an OK job.... I'm sure this WILL get sold, but Good Luck with the sale, and thanks again... Bob.
  20. 1994 Dodge Stealth R/T for Sale, Less than 27000 Original Miles

    Cars For Sale
    I CAN NOT believe that no one has taken you up on this offer! If I had the need, and a way to do it, I would come and get it, so it didn't get crushed. But, I already have 2 3S's, and we own 4 vehicles for just me and my wife atm (hoping to change that soon). Mighty generous of your sir...
1-20 of 479 Results