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  1. New clutch smells burn

    New Owner Questions
    No you dont. You need to watch the videos to see how the pedal is adjusted correctly. Really. -SP
  2. Coolant Leaks

    Engine - Turbo
    Its pretty easy to damage an o-ring when doing assembly, especially if you tried to put it together dry. -SP
  3. Possible ECU Problem

    Engine - Non-Turbo
    These ecu's also had troubles with the injector circuits. A noid light will sort that out for you. -SP
  4. Alternator Question....

    I've done many without a press, but some are stubborn and are difficult to get off the shaft. Make sure you get a bearing that isnt marked made in China. Also make sure you clean out all that WD. -SP
  5. Instrument cluster lights not working.

    New Owner Questions
    I know you have been through a lot, but ESPECIALLY the older cars will develop quirky electrical problems. Your dash light problem may be a loose fuse. I had this happen with my windshield wipers dying. Squeezing the contacts together and reinserting the fuse solved it. On your door switch...
  6. HELP! MFI relay sending morse!!

    Engine - Turbo
    And another reeason for MFI relay to act goofy- Bad ECU. You'll find lots of threads for that. -SP
  7. Front Fender/Door Removal

    Body & Paint
    You get lucky I just popped in for a look around. The insulation doesnt look damaged, but the wires inside break off at the connector. You can wiggle the harness and have things work, then not work. Move a few and you'll be able to tell the broken ones. they bend a LOT easier. -SP
  8. Finally bought my post-college dream car.. but =P

    New Owner Questions
    I hope you DO realize you are in for a BIG job to make this car working and reliable. Choosing a 95+ car would solve a bunch of reliability problems. Best wishes in your quest for the car you always wanted.
  9. Bleeding Clutch

    All Wheel Drive - DriveTrain
    There are LOTS of posts about the correct way to adjust the pedal. Do it right or have the clutch slip when the fluid warms up and actuates the clutch. -SP
  10. Car wont start with ignition

    Engine - Turbo
    That description screams loose or corroded battery terminals. Or a crappy battery. -SP
  11. Track Brakes?

    Tires,Wheels, Brakes & Suspension
    And DONT use dimpled or drilled rotors. They have a tendency to crack around the holes. Have fun at the track! -SP
  12. '94 FWD NA Power Steering Hardware

    Tires,Wheels, Brakes & Suspension
    Make sure you have the correct hose. All the GT's I have worked on had the o-ring fittings. Make sure you keep track of the old and new ones. It will leak if you didnt get the old one out, or worse, damage it and have the pieces flow through the system. I have re-used the old ones successfully...
  13. 95 3KGT non-turbo overheating, changed thermostat, no visible leaks?

    Engine - Non-Turbo
    Something not mentioned, but very typical is plain old radiator rot. If the fins arent attached to the tubes, it wont cool. Look at the very bottom to see if the fins are still there and push a few around to see if they are still attached. -SP
  14. Stumped

    New Owner Questions
    Check ALL your connectors. Its easy to miss one or not push it all the way together. -SP
  15. Smell of gas when running 1991 3000GT SL

    New Owner Questions
    +2 for you have a leak. Almost 30 year old lines dont hold fuel that well. If you live up North (Fill in your location in the user CP) the rust demons are sure to have dissolved the lines by now. Find it quick, so you dont make the evening news with the fire trucks. -SP
  16. 1995 3000gt sl no start

    You keep mentioning the cam sensor but not the crank sensor. The cranksensor is the one that gets damaged or falls apart. If there is no signal from it you will get a no start. -SP
  17. DR street cams

    Parts for Sale
    Which grind is it? -SP
  18. 1995 3KGT NA crank no start

    New Owner Questions
    When you find evidence like that it IS best to do work over to make sure its done right and you wont have to do it over later when it fails. Glad your car is running again. -SP
  19. Anyone running Champion Branded Filters from Pepboys?

    Dated but at least you can get an idea of how they fared. Maybe somebody has done an updated version of this guys work. Engine Oil Filter Study -SP
  20. No spark just wanting some input

    Engine - Turbo
    The PTU not bolted down was probably the problem. Keep a spare around since there may be damage and it might fail later. Be good to that ECU. They are harder to find as time rolls on, and used ones arent always good. And NO it wasnt flashed. Only the 99's had that possibility. -SP
1-20 of 487 Results