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  • NewBlue3000gt ·
    Hey , I'm new to mods on my 3000 and I've been searching threads and trying to figure out where and how to install the 3 aftermarket gauges I bought for my car , they are 60mm and analog , I caint figure out where to wire them through the firewall , please help! Thanks , also one more thing I already took out the factory and that's where I plan on snugging them into the pre-existing holes .. If at all possible is like to not take the dash out but it is what it is , please respond to me through my email [email protected] ... Thank you so much !
    LastoneVR499 ·
    Westcott, Hey I was posting in the Facebook 3000gt forum and a friend in Dallas pointed me in your direction... I live in Houston and need a good mechanic to help out on some work for my 99VR4.. it needs the 60K service done.... do you have any recommendations my friend?? Thanks
    speedy25 ·
    Braided SS lines can be made by many places. I have one in Strasburg, OH that makes them for cheaper than I can buy them. You cant make them but there are some brands that have lines that you can attached the ends with flare fittings.

    How did this end up a visitor message instead of a PM??
    GTwizard ·
    No sir. I have always put all my cards on the table. Nothing hidden here at all.
    In most cases I try to explane what we do and why. Most think I have lost my mind and don't believe Some of my explanations for things. You can see my set up. Everything is in our post.
    I have told other way 2009 was not so good do to attempting endurance cams before we had a good grip on what these motor can do. So it was back to the drawing board. Read my sig and look at my engine. Everything is explaned in my sig. This years trophy wins not there and the new 600CFM intake is not list or the new for this year 4.0 inch Maft. This is do for others on the forum. So you all have a better idea of what to do if you wish for a road race car.
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