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  • 3sop ·
    How did you get your silencers out of your m2 exhaust? I just ordered mine and they absolutely won't budge out. My brother even pulled on it with a clothes hangar and the whole flipping car rolled. I see yours are out so i'm just curious maybe yours weren't ridiculous like mine?
    BA TURBO ·
    Hi, saw your post in a Audio Video thread and was wondering which Pioneer HU you have. It looks great and I'm currently trying to decide what I want to get.

    Thanks, Bob
    BMFRU2 ·
    Hi Superfast. Got Ur PM. Still dealing with Electrical problems. Traced it back 2 the MFI. Ur about 5hrs from me. Assuming Ur n Nashville.
    axelfoxx ·
    Hey i just got my 92 vr4 and saw you where in nashville and not to far, wondering if you could anwser some questions down the road to get it running at its full potential and then some
    Zukipilot ·
    Thanks! So far, this forum has been great. I have been active in many over the years and still very active in (moderator) and LotusTalk... The people here have been great. cant wait to meet up. Do you ever do Cars and Coffee down in Cool Springs?
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