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    hey ya , so I`m pretty stuck on this electrical problem ... do you know somebodys # I could talk with ? that knows a direction I could go with ... thank you
    joe.traction ·
    both will work. there are notches on the back of the came pulleys to line up with. when arrows line up with dots on front of cam pulleys these hard to see marks on back of pulleys can be found to line up. i use these as verification marks.
    cbrinkley83 ·
    Hello, I read a thread u were involved in about timing.... I had a quick question for you. I was told there are 2 ways to time one, on and off vehicle installation. The mechanic that my car was at re-timed my 3000gt after I had it timed correctly. They had the cam marks set at 12 oclock on all 4 cams (DOHC). I had them set at 10 and 2 oclock. Ya know, line the marks up to the raised triangles on the valve cover. Which way is correct? I had never heard of 2 different ways to time a car before and when I saw where they had them, it scared the shit out of me.
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