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  • bsark ·
    Hi Speedy. I am a victim of the infamous cranking and no start issue. Ran the fuel pump test and I can hear and feel the fuel moving from the fuel pump. I have spark at the coil pack and MFI clicks on and off. The ECU was replaced in October of last year due to capacitor leakage of last year with a rebuilt. I live near Cleveland, Ohio and was wondering if you would be willing to test my ECU. Thanks for your time.
    shimasounds ·
    Hey SP, I just wanted to ask whether you think there is any danger of mixing synthetic and non-synthetic ATF... my torque converter almost definitely has non-synthetic ATF inside of it right now, and I'm planning on dumping in ATF+4 synthetic rather soon. Since I can't clear our the torque converter, I want to know if I'm going to end up hurting my trans.
    Hey Pete......I went to TopTier. That has nothing to do with ethonal fuel or the lack of ethanol in the gas. Also, Marathon is not listed as a TOPTIER. As far as I know, Marathon is the only non-ethanol gas in SW Fla. I will do some more digging into this.
    westcott ·
    Went out on a limb and bought a pre made hydraulic clutch line for a TT.
    I hope it fits on my car. I am tired of this leak.

    If not, I will be selling it. Let me know if you would be interested should that occur.

    westcott ·

    Do you know where I can get a SS line that will eliminate all the hydraulic clutch lines and accumulator on my ES?
    Can I make one up myself? Any idea how to go about this, fitting procurement wise?
    jstephany3000GT ·
    Hey Speedy. Thanks for the reply? Im still pretty new to the car world. What did you mean by logging would be the fastest way to solve my issue? Is there a way to diagnose other than going through part by part? Thanks.
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