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  1. 3SX TD05 Open Dumps, 14Bs, 68HTAs

    Parts for Sale
    would you sell just the hta68 themselves?
  2. Best be looking!!

    Parts for Sale
    seems to be a concept G blue from tanabe. 1k$ exhaust right there,
  3. Can anybody identify this thing?

    flux capacitor,
  4. The 6G BIGBOY builds are not dead!

    Thanks for the vids! I didnt know i needed that sound this morning.
  5. Stock head bolts or arp head studs?

    I would use the ARPs what ever people say. Are they 2000 or 625? I would be more confident with the 2000 than the stock anyway. Also I just dont trust the allen key style bolt when comes the time to torque the oem ones lol. I always have the fear that it will snap.
  6. 16gs or similar wanted

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    pm sent.
  7. It's always something!!!!!!

    Engine - Turbo
    if ecs computer is still connected in the trunk and you are using after market coil overs, disconnect it!
  8. Project 88, the sequential misfit

    they look the same as the rods of a friend of mine that he is using in his 69 camaro on nitrous! (2500hp pro mod) All aluminium ftw! What is the weight on these badboys? Cant wait to see it all together!
  9. Best way to add a 3.5mm nipple on an aluminum Y-pipe for boost source.

    Engine - Turbo
    take your source on the plenum. You will have boost and vacuum there. I have added multiple NPT nipples on my plenum, drill n tap, it can be done pretty easily.
  10. 68hta fp td05 turbo kit

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    no wastegates with the manifolds?
  11. 150e cam specs

    Engine - Turbo
    +1 for lobe center at 110 thats all you need.
  12. Another Crank/No Start

    Engine - Turbo
    90psi on each cylinder i would no even spend time to fire it up. Take appart buddy. Even if its starts it will be slow as fuck and probably smokes a lot.
  13. 3sx active areo wing simulator

    Parts Wanted
    You can try to do this, u need a relay, and re-do some wiring, then you will be able to control the wing manually when ever you want it.
  14. My build :)

    Engine - Turbo
    post a vid!!
  15. We are All Nissan Owners now..

    there is a lot of mitsubishi parts in the nissan cars since 90's these 2 companies were already sleeping together lol