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  • RuralGTO ·
    Hi Jonorc,
    180,968km in Japan.
    Prestige Auto Centre in Sydney brought it in and sold it showing 61,112km.
    Just checked. Pics for that car are still up on page 11 of Jap import from a dealer thread top of the Aussie section.
    Jonorc ·
    Hey Champ,
    I was looking threw your "Gen3 (99) Twin Turbo GTO Serial No's and more". I was trying to see the original Km's for one of the cars vins that has been wound back. Unfortunately the pic is down, was wondering if you had the information still on hand.
    the vin is:
    FredFrothen ·
    Hey mate, noticed you've got a few GTO's & also in QLD, so just wondering if you have any parts laying about. Specifically the rear reinforcement bar (rebar)? Or know of any places in qld you have luck sourcing parts from.

    Platnm ·
    Hi buddy im a local QLD 00 GTO owner also ☺ Although mine has strayed from the factory look however recently spun a bearing and all over red rover haha currently waiting for a half cut to land. Anyway thought id say hi!! Always a pleasure meeting GTO owners.
    Good to hear from you man! I am glad with worked out for you. In the future if you come accross a part out or if you know someone that does, please let me know. Thanks
    Ausgt3 ·
    Hey John, firstly great to see you changed your name this is much better!

    Thanks for the feedback about the intercooler piping, I do like to second guess myself and ask others I feel it keeps me on track better and public opinion is always a good indicator of how you are going.

    Hope all is well up the top end no doubt your busy, really lucky things have picked for us down here, was getting too slow for awhile. Big things in the pipe line and I've been flat out making Jess breakfast most mornings and picking gto parts for people of a night. That's been really cool to help out a bunch of people with local gto stuff, things I never thought would sell have gone. Had I placed bets id be a poor man lol.

    Talk soon buddy.
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