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  • dbest671 ·
    You need to change your avatar. You are on a guy's car forum, but your avatar is you holding your dong... That is just weird.
    mikeyVR4 ·
    Oh cool, I just sell random stuff that I come across. I am currently selling my VR4 rear struts and a Garmin Map Update CD for cheap.

    We need to meet up sometime and take a cruise :).
    ChrisTate1 ·
    why should i have not put an aluminum flywheel and a single piece carbon DS? If there are any doubts about my car and how it is built feel free to contact 3SX. Im sure they could inform you how to hit 500hp.
    VR3.9 ·
    If the 19T car was finished it would be faster but it's not nearly as nice a build or finished like the 15G car. Neither one of these would give you a true 500 hp street car. The 19T would be on E85 but would require bigger injectors. The 15G car looks like a really nice car, mods that it shouldn't have had done. Aluminum flywheel and single piece carbon fiber drive shaft. The can both create problems. I would like for a simple upgraded 16G car that runs and is finished.
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