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  • Mr E ·
    Hi Larry,

    I don't know if Alan mention you to me but I was the one looking for the Forge Crank. I was wondering if you were willing to part with it.
    skofroth ·
    My name is Scott ([email protected]) and I own a 91 3000gt. Used to be NA but did the turbo conversion (regretted it ever since). Trying to get it running again. Engine will run but will not idle. I have put far too much time and money into this car to just let it sit. I'm going through your checklist and got hung up real quick. Testing the PTU - with a battery, wired the negative side of battery to negative on car. Put in jumpers between 4 and 6 pins on ptu from wire harness to ptu. Touched wire from pos side of battery to pins 1,2,3 on PTU ... key in ON position.. I get nothing? What could I be doing wrong? I have replace battery, fuel pressure regulator, tested and cleaned all injectors. I've taken apart and cleaned the Idle Speed Controller, new wb O2 sensors (and tested to ensure power is going to them), I have a new(ish) computer from Cromed ECU (which converts it to OBDII), but my code reader won't recognize it. Email me or even call me. Scott (336-207-7250)
    3sop ·
    Yo are you still selling that transfer case? I think i want to buy it. It would fit a 91 vr4 right? No leaks?
    Chrmngblly ·
    Hey Medford! Grants Pass was my old stomping ground.

    It sounds like you have replaced your VSS plenty of times. Some guy at my local machine shop here in Philly claims that it is usually the guides that start moving on those engines, so he wants to pull the heads and go for the gusto. I have not heard that there was any special problem or reason to do that. Can you advise me? I am leaning towards just changing the vss and the rest of a 120k. What do you think? Am I being bullshitted?
    Lucid ·
    Hey, I'm finishing up getting a rim from a guy who contacted me email. Thank you for your help though. I really appreciate it.
    Fireredtt ·
    How's it going man? I had to order a new transmission for my car and the shop messed up and sent me the 27 spline 92 ATX. If I got the 27 spline axles would my TCU work with the 92.5 tranny? My TCU is a 91. Thanks a lot.
    Kreiger3750 ·
    I seen on your one post that you have done work on valve bodies b4 on transmissions. I bought a 1992 3000gt sl. My friend who i bought it from had the the valve covers taken off to do the lifters and all. the car has been sitting for 6 years without moving or starting. I put it all together but now the tranmission won't down shift at all. It seems like its stuck in 3rd or 4th gear all the time. What do you think?
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