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  • Gordon Totty ·
    Hi Bob, I have a question for you. Where did you get your spyder? Was it a local car or did you get it from out of state?
    lllpulselll ·
    Hey, I noticed in a thread you mentioned something about your car stuck on 81% fuel car is doing this currently...i've swapped ecu's multiple times, it fucks my ARC-2 up, basically i'm on 660s and and after open loop where the car starts cold etc and atomization occurs i have to start adding fuel to keep the car from dying...this is driving me absolutely it the ARC-2(the definitive problem solver would be if you're using one too) or is there something weird going on?
    jcr5186 ·
    No big deal, thought it was worth a shot to ask. Maybe I'll figure mine out first and be able to give you some input :)
    OhioSpyderman ·
    I REALLY wish I could say that I have, but sadly I have not. I did manage to install my fuel pressure gauge and surprisingly my pressure was within specs.

    My next steps is to replace my tired, old plug wires and possibly my coil packs (not fuel related but I think will help with the cold miss's I sometime experience).

    I haven't hooked up my logger lately, I need to do that as well to see where the health of my car stands....

    Wish I could help more...

    jcr5186 ·
    Steve, you have good memory

    It did solve my poor gas mileage and O2's not cycling issue...but the 81.2% thing still exists....

    I know its not a fluke (I'm pretty sure that I'm running a bit rich as I get some backfiring on decel....)

    I need to put in my temporary fuel pressure gauge (a POS that I made up that replaces the line from the filter to the rail with a gauge in it) to see what my pressure is.

    Thanks for the response...


    Sorry to bother but I was reading through some old posts trying to diagnose some issues with my car and I found this post. My car is running rich and backfires/smokes on mid-heavy decel. Just wanted to know what was up with your stealth when you were experiencing similar problems. I read into the thread a bit but did not see Steve answer your question, maybe he pm'ed you with answers.

    OhioSpyderman ·
    Hahaha...first off, the house in the picture is not mine (although mine is just down the block and built in the same time period). In case you didn't read, two of the cars are my son's.
    I do like these cars though!!!!
    OhioSpyderman ·
    Sadly, I am not. My partner here at work got fired, and since the design work was done by him, he took all the drawings and welding fixtures....
    OhioSpyderman ·
    I apparantly did, If you look I gave him VERY positive feedback (his last feedback). (He must have PM'd me after he read my PARTS WANTED thread, and I probably deleted it...)

    If there's someway I can help you, let me know....
    checkered vr4 ·
    I have been looking for someone else that had the same problem with a maf translator as you but not finding anyone. I do think if you get in contact with Bob from Full Throttle Speed he is the best guy to talk to about trouble shooting your car. Let me know what you find out.
    Ken ·
    Not much wrong with it, I just think it should be checked for possible wear in the suspension, brakes, also is due for another timing belt. Just replaced the idle speed control and upgraded the computer module to be safe. Only other thing is 5th gear, have to shift slowly, probably a synchronizer, but it shifts OK. Runs great and routine maintenance always done, always garaged too, some stone ships but never damaged.
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