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  • junior.sosa ·
    hey wats up ive been looking threw threads and you seem like you know your shit with these cars... i need help and need some pro's advice on this subject.. i have already tried looking threw the threads but can find a straight answer... i have a 92 3000gt sl fwd.. yesterday i got alt of sputtering the car shut of.. barley got it to start got home then woudlnt start for two hours.. it finally started but it would die everytime.... now it just cranks but no spark... i know i have gas goin threw the system cuz i pulled out a few plugs and ther all wet.... pulled the first plug and connected it to the wire and layed it on the block it wouldnt spark up no matter wat i did... eventually my starter went up in smoke.. still works but i know its gonna fuck up soon... any ideas?? oh and it has a repaired ecu brand new tcu. and i pulled out the ecs unit wen i got it...
    Glynn ·
    Sounds like they were the same as these :-
    Deep Dish Mustang ® Cobra R Wheels 18x9 & 10 inch 2005+ - eBay (item 290500067547 end time Nov-18-10 20:47:59 PST)
    How did you find out that they fit. I'm in Australia and if I screw up it's going to cost me a bomb.

    Thanks again,
    J-blueSL ·
    Yo how much you got your 15g's for? and do i really need all that crap ( AEM widerband SAFC2) for fuel support? thought your fine with only 550cc injectors and fuel pump. but i guess you aren't going to take full advantage of these turbos without proper fuel support.
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