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  • mtonkin6 ·
    Hey mate. How's the car going. All run in yet?
    I was just wondering if you could pm me the different catagories for the trophys you had done for last years ng. Also if you have any suggestions/tips that would be great.
    Thanks Matt T
    FRR35H ·
    Im still not confident she is running 100%, i think i need to get a re-tune as there is a bit of stuttering here and there and robs me of power. PLUS i want to do the Eflex conversion and pump up the boost.
    THEN ill 1/4 mile her :)
    FRR35H ·
    its from Forza Motorsports 4,
    thats my custom designed GTO (well based on my project for my car in RL)
    mrjayr ·
    Hi Mat,
    I dont think you remember me but we spoke awhile back on JDM forums. You gave me some good advice on what to look for in a gto, well finally got my own now :D Anyway i noticed you have a nice fmic setup and was looking to get one myself. If you dont mind could i ask you some questions reguarding what kit you used, core size etc and any tips you could throw my way to help me decide.

    Thanks man!
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