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  • 3sop ·
    If you don't mind me asking what kind of wheels are those and size? I might not get those exact ones but that style has been really growing on me lately. For me it's down between the 5 zigens-fn01rc or that style of wheel you have.
    3sop ·
    Idk what it is about your green vr-4 bud it looks bad ass. I just can't put my finger on it. The rims maybe??
    Bag-O-Chips ·
    You were/are on BC280's and Evo 3 16g's with AEM right? I have a couple of questions regarding the Idle tables and settings you have
    BRIKEL94SL ·
    Hey brother,

    MB3000 told me you were running TD05's with the CX 4" deep FMIC, I was planning on running that same setup and I was just curious if you used the CX racing FMIC piping kit and how all of your fitment went. Thanks!

    SRG Brian Kelly
    US Embassy
    Kabul, Afghanistan
    familyMAN ·
    I don't have much to compare it to. It's been so long since I drove a stock clutch. I guess it's stiff, but I could drive it every day. You can slip it a little, but it's fairly grabby.

    I would use one for a 5-600hp car and they are super cheap.
    99MODVR4 ·
    Hi, could you tell me a little about the clutch foot pressure and streetability of the xtd 3 and 4? I want what's going to hold 500-600whp, but was wondering how stiff the clutch is? My current RPS is reaaaallly stiff. I'm used to it I guess, but any time it's serviced, the guys always comment I must have a huge leg lol. Thank you for your help!!

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